View Full Version : What can you do for $6?

2002.01.05, 10:57 AM
Buy some cheap garden hose and some duct tape; and make a mess in your condo; at least that is my experience.

Some not very good photos here:


2002.01.05, 12:17 PM
Hey, that's pretty cool! Plus that room is probably the same size as my whole apartment... :)


2002.01.05, 08:34 PM
Yep it's big apartment; but sadly not mine, my company rents it for me....
Not sure they expected it to be used to contain a Mini-Z track

2002.01.08, 10:36 AM
Look great !!
But I wouldn't like the crap the tape on my floor, use gaffertape instead of duct/ducktape. That leave less residue.

The gardenhose thing is nice, I think i will use that.
I thinking of adding rings of velcro every 5 inch or so and stick that to some loose roll of carpet which gives good grid to the car and the velcro and doesn't hold lint to get sucked in the car.
This goal it to make it:
* Portable
* Easily modified
* Easy the move when it get's in the way.

I have a roll of velcro for shortening patchcables an instrumentcables :) which can be cut in pieces. Gardenhose is easily bought, the carpet will be very hard to find I guess...

2002.01.08, 11:36 AM
hey, that's pretty cool.... I'd probably do that if i had more room in my house, but heh.... i live in a small house.... anyways, does your mini-z grip good on that surface? My mini z spins out on hardwood floor... lol....

2002.01.08, 07:31 PM
The grip is very poor; we have to pretend we are racing in the rain!
I like the idea of a roll-up track, as would my long suffering lady, just need to find something I can roll-up, make a track on and drive on. In Thailand. Which means I have to be able to see it in a shop as I sure as hell couldn't explain what I wanted in Thai; difficult enough in English! Especially when my Thai is limited to phrases such as "this food is good; please give me some more" and "you have a beautiful face, I think I love you"

2002.01.08, 07:38 PM
lol..... y don't u find a short hair carpet? that's easy to roll up....

2002.01.08, 07:51 PM
Instead of a hose try an extension cord. This is what my friend and I use it lets the cars over but it slows them down so much that it is not worth cuting the track.

2002.01.09, 05:53 AM
I tried an extension cord; but then the Television suddenly stopped working! Couldn't work out why....

2002.01.09, 07:18 AM
Was the TV connected to the extention cord? lol...

2002.01.09, 08:35 AM
... I never thought of that possibility. Would also explain why the car exploded in a shower of sparks when it crossed over the cable. This is known as the "electric fence approach" to race track construction.

2002.01.09, 10:01 AM
wow... you gotta be careful, cuz you could short your mini-z very easily.. haha.... and u probably don't want to buy another ESC or some other expensive part.... haha lol...

2002.01.24, 07:56 AM
i find that rope is the best for track walls.. Make sure that you go to the flea market and get a good deal. i got 100 feet of 1 inch diameter rope for only 5 bucks, that leaves the other dollar for duct tape:) that's how my track is.

2002.01.24, 07:58 AM
rope's better because A) it is more flexible than hose
B) it does not scratch up bodies
C) it is less expensive
D) cause i said so!:D

2002.01.24, 09:00 AM
But you can't water the garden flowers with rope. Believe me, I've tried.

2002.01.24, 11:00 AM
not if you soak the rope first, then let it drip.... lol...:D

2002.01.24, 11:07 AM
The ruggidnes of a hose makes nice, smooth curves, and keeps them that way. Maybe you should try putting a rope in a hose :)

2002.01.24, 12:29 PM
ah yes, but the only flowers @ my house are the ones made of cloth and on the weeds that are big enough

2002.01.24, 08:58 PM
dont know if you've read this post, but rather surprisingly i found out how to obtain an insane amount of grip on polished wooden floors.

read this thread..