View Full Version : AWESOME custom painted Benz

2003.02.05, 11:17 PM
accept preorder :)

2003.02.05, 11:18 PM
green color

2003.02.05, 11:18 PM
last one, RED!

2003.02.05, 11:23 PM
Very nice CRC!:D

2003.02.05, 11:57 PM
Very nice!!! :D

2003.02.06, 08:50 PM
the greens the best in my book

why compete??
2003.02.07, 03:38 AM
they are some sweet ass bodies chaser.........
if you did these dodys yourself did u use tape 2 mark off the edges for the different colours?? or were they decals??
these are that nice i have 2 ask if any of them are 4 sale??
i like the blue and the red ones but i think that the red desing with blue will look good but they are mad as they are now

2003.02.07, 10:52 AM
those are not decals... all are done by spraying...

yes, they are on sale, please visit our website for details.

why compete??
2003.02.07, 06:33 PM
hey chaser if i do ddeccide on getting one do u rekon you could make me the blue design but in red i will tell you if i want 1 so dont go and make it and no1 will buy it

2003.02.07, 11:43 PM
sorry, we only have those for sales and dont plan to make something new...

please let me know if you are still interested in it, email us. :)

why compete??
2003.02.08, 07:26 AM
ok thanks how much for a body and how much do u have of each colour

so this is like a 1 off thing then huh?