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2003.02.07, 01:39 AM
Got this one from Mini-Zfuel. I thought it needed a wing:D

2003.02.07, 01:40 AM

2003.02.07, 01:41 AM

2003.02.07, 01:41 AM
Last One

Ken Mifune
2003.02.07, 01:43 AM
poor mini-zfuel. why did he have to sell all his stuff?

why compete??
2003.02.07, 03:30 AM
sweet looing ride breeze nice mecr wing they almost suit any body huh.....

im pretty sure that some1 in his family or his dog or sumthing had surgert and there was a major bill and he need $$$ poor guy having 2 sell his Z hope he still stays in the forums though

2003.02.07, 10:08 AM
THX :)

2003.02.26, 06:20 PM
Breeze, what type of front bumper do you have installed? It looks good. Not too large yet functional. Nice ride!:)

2003.03.21, 12:08 PM
Custom made-sorry for the long delay-been out of internet commission

2003.03.26, 06:24 PM
No problem, I certianly understand not being connected. I'm not able to spend much time online myself, when I get busy. I would like to know though, because I'm new to this, and I like to tinker, mess around & fabricate things and I have a modena body, what's the material? I'd like to fabricate a bumper similar to yours. Thanks for the response.:)

2003.03.27, 09:00 AM
The material is called Kydex. I used a Bumper from an Associated
TC3 to cut it from. It was an aftermarket part made by BRP I got at a LHS. Cost about $10, but I couldn't find anything cheaper. It is very strong.

2003.03.29, 06:18 PM
Thanks for the info. I'll check my LHS and see what I can dig up. Strong is good!:D