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2003.02.11, 03:49 PM
hey sjakes20, I was wondering what the hold up w/ my chassis might be? It's been over a week and I have sent you emails w/ questions and have gotten no reply, I've also tried your aim and it says you're never available. I was just wondering what was going on, whether or not you have the fiberglass chassis in stock. I live in NY and I thought I might get it within a week at the latest. Hopefully I can get some type of correspondence from you through here, thanks

Pro-Z Racing
2003.02.14, 10:55 PM
Crashholly- Hello sorry for the hold up i have run into unforseen contractor delays. It looks like they will be in wed or thursday of next week but i have learned not to count anything untill there in my hand. Theres another pro z thread that explains a little bit more. It will be shipped ASAP.