View Full Version : pro-z chassis = load of bs

2003.02.11, 05:47 PM
If any1 has ordered a chassis from pro-z i would suggest trying to get a refund w/paypal. i ordered 1 and waited 3 weeks... nothing! i put in for a refund w/paypal and got my money back! pro-z never sent a reply to my numerous emails! unless you are tarded i would suggest every1 put in for their refunds asap!

my 2 cents

2003.02.11, 06:19 PM
well at least u got your refund :cool:

2003.02.11, 07:26 PM
actually pro-z did say that he was having troubles getting the cf for his chassis and that appoligizes for the delay...I think it was in the new products section of the forum it might explain why u havent gotten anything...

2003.02.11, 07:30 PM
crap cant edit my post ...scrtach that it might be in the new products section of the forum lol I didnt notice I was posting in it:p