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2003.02.12, 06:25 PM
I would like to ask you all on the method to wind our own motor. Does the thickness of the gauge make any difference? The stronger the magnet will give more torque and if we're looking for more top speed then we should go for a weaker magnet is it?
And what about the winding techniques? All this about 30T, 50T and 70 T. What about them?

2003.02.13, 11:30 AM
What is the gauge of the X-speed motor? Is it a SWG30?
I've went through all the thread in the forum and i've yet find the answer.

If i wind a motor using a thick gauge with the X-speed magnet and wound it for 10T. What would happen. I've tried winding the thick gauge the max is 10T, coz the gauge is too thick for me to wind more without touching the gauge from another arm.

Please help

2003.02.13, 02:41 PM
Thicker wire will give a wider river for the electrons to flow through, thus less resistance, the thickest nor thinnest is not best... it dpeends on the magnets, volts, esc, and size of motor what gauge works good, basicly if you have a wire with realy low winds... and lots of space left over you might as well go a slightly bigger gauge... or use the same gauge and double the wire.. thus making a DOUBLE wind motor.

If done right on some magical plane of existance, a very strong magnet and a perfect wind to match the magnet can make a 130 sized motor perform like a 180 or even a 280 if you get it perfect... way too many variables to change... if you change one thing you need to change the rest to match it.. or suffer some minor inefficiencies... lessening the winds is not the best way to get more power... winding it correctly with the right magnet and voltage IS, but lessening the winds is the easiest and cheapest way to make it rev higher... with or with out torque loss.

And I believe the X-Speed and stock motors are 31gauge... +/-

2003.02.13, 02:46 PM
If i'm using the SWG 31 gauge to wind the armature, with neo magnets, just how much should i wind up the motor to improve its torque? I've just install a 2x6 stack FET.

I found some similar looking magnets as the neo magnets in the Tamiya shop which is silver too. Are they the same as the neo magnets?

I've read here somewhere that the Hyper Dash 2 is a good buy, it has the same performance as a SO2. Is that true?

2003.02.13, 03:15 PM
The neo magnets alone will greatly increase the torque.. at least my brand does... strongest there is that I have seen so far. However jus tslapping them into any motor will decrease its RPM, so you will want a bigger pinion, or smaller spur, or both, or lower the winds to get some higher revs back... I know nothing about tamiya motors... dont have any of those mini-4wd cars, all I will say is you will want a turbo if you use one, since they will likely have high amp draw.

2008.10.30, 06:56 AM
can u help me how many turns does it take to a ultra magnet to match it and make it fast?can u give me the gauge of the wire and number of turns..pls...

2008.10.31, 09:53 AM
I believe you are thinking of neodymium magnets, which will increase motor amp draw and torque. There is no set turns that can "match," different guages will result differently. I wound a 17t arm of 28awg and it was a torque monster w/ neo magnets. It really depends on the armature (how lamination are set up-sprial, standard, slotted, etc..), and turns. Typically you need a high-wind armature, and achieving to fit the most winds will lead you to use a very thin wire, which would be around 34awg (us size) and even smaller.
blt456 is the neo magnets is same as ultra magnets?can u tel me the style of winding u use?and what kind of wire will i use if wound a triple wind that has a monster torque?