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2002.01.06, 01:21 PM
I am just curious of what kind of batteries people use in thier Z's

i myself use Royovac 1.2v 700 mah in my mini-z i love them :D
and in my Controller i use rayovac 1.2v 1600 mah

I also use a rayovac 1 hour NiMh and NiCD charger
the charger charges AA, AAA and 9v batteries:D

2002.01.06, 01:28 PM
For curiosity sake... any one with a Rayovac 1 hr please say so ;).

When you put 4 AA or AAA cells into the Rayovac 1 hour, in what order do the LEDs light up? -- I am just trying to make sure if this is normal behavior on mine (and some others) or what...

And are any of your LEDs not as bright or apear to be missaligned?

I use my energizer 700..
Best way to find the best battery for you is to try them all ;).

2002.01.06, 01:29 PM
hmmmmm interesting... hold on i will check

2002.01.06, 01:33 PM
ok well i checked and when i put the batteries in the charger plug it in and at first 3 of them on the left lit up and half a second later the last one to the right turnes on

2002.01.06, 01:35 PM
oh and that goes for both kinds AAA and AA

does yours do that too?

2002.01.06, 10:47 PM
Yes thats what mine does, along with 2 other ppl I asked...

Just needed to make sure, cuz asking rayovac was kinda getting no were, they were very helpful but they were one of those email replies were you ask 10 questions, type them out nice and neet, pretty long ones even. And they answer the first one with a yes or no, and hit send... dont even read the rest of the email hehe.

That was so much easier then getting Rayovac to answer if that was normal behavior or not ;) -- that is totaly hair brained... they also told me there should be no difference in brightness of the LEDs... my 4th LED is kind of missaligned with the hole in the case/window I guess. so its not as bright, or at least I cant see it at certain angles...

So I will asume this is normal behavior... (will add it to my rayovac charger review page when its out). Unless all of our chargers are from the same batch of chargers that some moron/new employee working on the line put together ;).

It dont realy make any sense why it lights up after though... like maybe its shared with the 9 volt slot or someting... maybe your not supose to charge AA AAA and a 9volt at same time ;) -- I will asume not since it dont say you can...

Dont remove the feet from your PS4, they dont reatach with out adding new glue to them... hehe. I removed one just to see what would happen... I was contemplaiting taking it apart, but now I have no need if this is "normal" behavior of the charger.

Ok now that I totaly changed the topic of this thread, go ahead and post about batteries now ;) -- I still stand with the "use what works best for you" theory.

If the manufactures made the full stats of their cells public, and truthefull stats... then it would be easier to tell, you would just get the lowest resistance, highest Mah, and cheapest cells, that can be recharged the most instances. :D -- as long as they dont explode when powered ;) thus try ;)

I also noticed that my rayovac cells get like 10x hotter then my Energizer cells... but all apear to fully charge.

2002.01.07, 12:31 AM
THe blue Energizers i have are Made in Japan... hmmm.. i don't know why.. but i trust the stuff "made in japan" :D

2002.01.07, 04:56 AM
I use Energizer ACCU 700mAh NiMh's
I am happy with the ACCU's, they are the Japanese made batteries.

I also use an energizer "High-Energy" charger that takes about 5 hours to charge 4xAAA's :(

Too slow for my blood!


2002.01.22, 10:30 AM
I use Sanyo Twicell 1.2v 700mAh NiMH batteries in mz and find them to be very good.. they have been lasting me about an hour of full throttle racing then dieing rather suddenly. I'm using Energizer alkalines in my controller and as far as i can tell they are still going strong after 10+ hours of use.

2002.01.22, 02:27 PM
So what your saing is that NiMh is the best type of battery?:confused:

2002.01.22, 03:32 PM
yes nimh are the best kind (incase you dont know NIHM means rechargable Nickel metal hydride)

but when buying be sure to look for the mah's i would look for 700's they are the most powerfull that are easy to find.

btw i use 8 x 1600 mah AA's in my controler

2002.01.22, 03:34 PM
so far they have lasted me 40 some hours

2002.01.22, 05:32 PM
I have 8 GP 1800 mah AA's in my controller, and I'm with Plastic_x, they're awesome. They help a little with reception too, but sending the controller more power, but it's barely noticable, they just last a LONG time :) Mine lasted 3 or 4 months before I had to charge them. I ran my car most every day through at least 1 set of Energizer 700mah AAA's.

2002.01.22, 05:37 PM
When I'm doing my Research and Development for the Mini Z's, I use Nicads. Although the runtime is + or - 15 minutes, I love the power I get from it.


Top Speed Runs: Nicads only. It's like using Methanol!

Drag Race: Nicads only. It's like using Methanol.

Big, High speed tracks: Nicad or Nimh, depending on competition

Small track: Nicad or Nimh, depending on competition

Charger: Tekin BC112C @ 2.03 amps. Cell life is not a major concern for me. Charging @ 2 amps gives a lot of juice!

Charging Time?: No more than 3 - 5 minutes.

I've charged my batts this way since November, and it's good as any other.

2002.01.22, 07:58 PM
Food for thought for all Nimh users!
I need to find a charger like that...mine takes 3hrs.
ru_crazy :cool:

2002.01.22, 08:52 PM
well me and some other users use the rayovac 1 hour charger, i dont believ that there is a better charger than that out yet well atleast it is the fastest.

here is a pic of it so u know what to look for
(it also comes with 2 free AA rechargables BONUS!!)

2002.01.22, 08:59 PM
hey ru crazy, i think you mis understood initialdeeznuts
that charger he is talking abuot can only charge nicd/Nicad
batteries not nimh

i wish there were such for nimh

2002.01.22, 10:27 PM
The BC112C that I have is the upgraded version. It is capable of charging both the nimh, and the nicad. The reason it charges quickly is because of the current I've decided to put in. 2.03 amps. The alternative to this, and the price is $34.99 + or -, is the Promax 2 to 4 amp batt. charger. I'm not sure if this is suitable for nimh.

I like the BC112C because I'm able to charge any of the batteries, including radio, and the sub c batts. All I have to do is use the proper battery tray. It's convenient in terms of useage, but portability is another story. It's heavy, and it's bulky. Definitely not recommended for one traveling with his/her mini Z.

2002.01.22, 11:15 PM
Important safety note: Chargers that have the capablity of charging both Nicad and Nimh can only one TYPE of battery at a time. They can not charge 1 Nimh and 1 Nicad, together. Further, if you put a Nimh in a Nicad charger---poof---you will make FIRE!
initialdeeznuts: Thanks for the clarification on your charger. Sounds pretty Sweeeet.:D
I'm a speed freak like initialdeeznuts so I may have to invest in a set of Nicad for when I gotta have top end (I already have a set of Nimh for endurance).
ru_crazy :cool:

2002.01.26, 09:35 PM
well i've got some nicds and with my mod motor i've only been gettign about 10-15 min. run times so i'm thinking of investing in som 700 nimh :) and I've been looking at the web site where I bought my nicds and there they are about $10 for 4 and like $19 for 8 I'll prob just get 4 as I already have 8 nicds so what do you guys think of that price and how much did you get urs for and where

P.S. the web site I bought the nicds off of was (url deleted)

2002.01.26, 09:55 PM
Minizracer.com (this website) sells the 750 mah nimh. Might wanna check with them.

2002.01.26, 09:55 PM
Hi dmcfirestar500, we request that members refrain from posting URLs that could be seen as a conflict of interest with our Shop - thanks! :D

2002.01.26, 09:57 PM
sorry won't happen again just wondering if thats a good price but thanx for the info :)

2002.01.26, 10:03 PM
well checked the store here all i could find was 700 nimh GP max were they the ones you are refering to? you said 750 mah that would be awsome if you had em LONGER RUNTIMES:D

2002.01.27, 06:21 PM
hey guys, I have a charger-related question.

I have a Tekin BC110L (I think). Will it charge NiMh batteries?

2002.01.27, 07:30 PM
It will charge, but you have to monitor the batteries. The 110L might charge the nimh w/o detecting that the nimh are peaked already. Charge at 1.5 - 2 amps, and take it off, as soon as it's warm. I do this all the time.

2002.01.27, 10:05 PM
I've got 3 sets of noname Chinese made 650mAH AAA NiMH, and 1 set of the same but 1500mAH AA NiMH batts and a Powertech 10 batt AA/AAA "fast" smart charger.

Takes forever to charge, about 8 hours for the AAA, and it's the fastest charger I have found. Still makes it easier than getting NiCads because the same charger takes about 5 hours to discharge and then 8 hours to charge them back up again... But then it's relatively cheap.

The 3 sets of AAA cost me AUD$37.00 and the charger cost me AUD$69.00. I checked out the Sanyo Twicells, but the cheapest I have found them are AUD$33.00 for a set of 4 batts...

Thankfully I have limited space, so I don't miss the speed that NiCADs give and the runtime is fine :)

Aesch :)

2002.01.27, 10:16 PM
You charge at 1.5-2 amps?

I talked to one guy at my local track and he said to never go above 0.5 amps! Is he wrong?

2002.01.28, 12:59 AM
Yeah. I do it all the time. Whether it be nicads or nimh. 1.5 to 2 amps. I've had these batteries since Nov. of last year and it's fine. The overall lifespan will probably be shorter though. The're cheap anyway. Cheaper than 1/10th scale batteries.

2002.01.28, 01:29 AM
Originally posted by aesch
"...The 3 sets of AAA cost me AUD$37.00 and the charger cost me AUD$69.00. I checked out the Sanyo Twicells, but the cheapest I have found them are AUD$33.00 for a set of 4.."Aesch :)

i got my sanyo twicell from my LHS here in Perth, AUD$6.95 for 1 AAA

also my charger has a max charge time of 7hrs.. this appears to be the fastest i can get here :/ and dont ask me what brand, but it cost about AUD$40 and does only 4 x AAA nicad or nimh.

2002.01.28, 12:24 PM
True dat Nomotorlimit.

1:10 scale batteries are crazy expensive. That's one thing I love about Mini-Z, a certain amount of cost control, and a "spec-racer" atmosphere.