View Full Version : Kyosho Oil Shocks Review.

2003.02.15, 02:46 PM
these things are fantastic they work perfect with no leaks and smooth as butter. plus they look hella cool. GPM shocks are not even in the same league i had to modify those so much just to get them to work the way kyosho's work right out of the box! they are worth every cent. they rebound pretty fast unlike GPM where you needed the stiff spring they came with to get them to rebound fast. i think the key lies in the fact kyosho's have a little diaphgram. now my truck doesn't bounce around so much at speed, can take big jumps , and this is the main thing still handle a slow and technical, rocky track. wheras with the GPM it might as well have no shocks as it was so damn stiff unless modified and even then you lost a little of your slow technical abilites. well i learned my lesson kyosho all the way. i will post pics soon of my beater #201 and my show one #200. happy trails.

edit: ChaserRc mentioned they came with extra diapghrams well mine did not . and my packages where not opened so who knows?
also the only diff. between front and rear is the little spacer that goes between the top pillow balls and the top shock mount i gather you could use 2 rear or front sets as all it would take is minor modifcation, in case your desperate:D

2003.02.15, 02:53 PM
I'd agree with that without even seeing the Kyosho shocks, I've just spent the last hour removing the small blue O ring from the GPM socks to stop them being so stiff. I can now use the standard Kyosho springs so the suspension will actually move!

It's annoying having bought a full set of GPM shocks, oh well I won't make the same mistake again!

Thanks for the write up.