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2002.01.06, 06:09 PM
After readering this thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=233) I came up with the idea of creating a program to design tracks.
I've made something in about an hour just to play with the idea.
Find out more here (http://zanthrax.8bit.co.uk/) and use this forum to tell me what you think about it.

2002.01.06, 06:11 PM
Dude, WAY COOL!! I haven't played with it yet, but that is a GREAT idea!!

*edit* OK, I just checked it out...super sweet!!! You are the man!!!!

2002.01.06, 06:13 PM

2002.01.06, 06:25 PM
man its heaps good cant wait till u put them extra bits of track in there;)

2002.01.06, 06:27 PM
d'oh...i guess i waited too long to make my prog...o wellz looks nice :)

2002.01.06, 06:41 PM
whew, just tested it and its great!

2002.01.06, 06:58 PM
u would have to pit every lap on that track:p

2002.01.07, 02:48 AM
I think i'll finish it.
But I found the biggest problem to be 45 degree corners.
I will just add lot's of trackpieces and make the program work.
An exportfunction to JPG might be nice to.
Maybe someday I will think of another way to add 45 degree rotated pieces.
Oh well, when I get something finished, this forum will be the first place to read about it.


2002.01.07, 04:42 AM
If found a similar program on http://www.slotrace.com.
You can download a demo or buy it for $40.
It's actually designed for slotracing,but has some really neat functions. I wanted to design something simple but this is great !!

2002.01.07, 01:01 PM
Got some more work done...
* Added more pieces.
* Devided trackpieces in categories.
* Developed fileformat (not emplemented yet.)

The fileformat will be CSV-like, so ou can edit your tracks in Excel :)

What more pieces/functions would you like to see ?

2002.01.07, 01:25 PM
How about some straight track pieces with only 1 side wall?


2002.01.07, 02:09 PM
You mean to create wider lanes ?

2002.01.07, 04:28 PM
Yes, thats what I thought of. It would give you the ability to create wider lanes (perhaps create a pit stop). Blank tiles would also be a sugestion.


2002.01.07, 04:48 PM
works great, maybe you can add some measurements so anyone can make their track in scale.

nice work, you have to be a dutchman. haha lol,


2002.01.07, 05:08 PM
I'll need to put some thought into the 'wider lane'-thing.
If found this (http://members01.chello.se/joan/track3.html) which is a nice pointer to what I might change. Instead of places tracktiles only place walls... Hmmm...
To make it look neat I would have to add a lot of pieces.
I have made a section of some pitlane-pieces which are smaller. there is a blank tile inthere or do you mean plain 'asphalt'?

I might add scale to it, something that calculates the width of the track based on it's size and available floor space. Is that what you mean?

Yes, am Dutch: Legal drugs and a computer can lead to the coolest things.

T Man
2002.01.07, 05:25 PM
Totally sweet man.:D

2002.01.08, 11:53 AM
Sweet! Now I just need to get a Mini-Z and head for the basement.

2002.01.08, 12:01 PM
Thank for all the support.
I've got some more work done.
All I have left is the loading part and some protection for lossing work on exitting/loading etc.
The printing-bit will take a while, so you guys 'll have to wait I'm afraid
Than I still have to make it look neater and a bit more proffesional.

But I allready now 'it's great dude !!!'. But what I really want to hear(read) is what would you like to see added ?
I'm still figuring out how to make wider lanes and some bigger curves.

Maybe a 2 level function would be nice ?

2002.01.08, 02:43 PM
what I ment in an earlier reply, and what I'm really missing is the size of 1 block, for example 1 piece is 20 or 30 cm, so everyone can built a track in a size that is okay for them.

b.t.w. sorry for my highschool English


2002.01.08, 03:59 PM
Yeah what he said. The scaling function would be even better. Bigger turns would be nice. Keep it coming man. I haven't done crap all after noon :D

2002.01.08, 04:00 PM
This was fun, I'm geting out of control.
Think I'm need some space for this.;)

2002.01.09, 02:12 AM
Thanks guys,
Posts like the help to make the program work.
I'll try to figure out something nice !

2002.01.09, 06:36 PM
Well version 0.9 is here...
It's pretty complete:
Opening / Saving tracks
Export tracks to JPG files !!
Added snazzy icon :)
and so on....

get it here (http://www.geocities.com/zanthrax.geo/trackmaker/index.html) !

I wonder what cool tracks you guys will come up with !!
I've seen some neat screenshots !!

2002.01.09, 06:44 PM
Export function works... :)

But I found a bug and fixed it again
The function for protection of data-loss didn't work properly.
And the JPG's were a bit to large in filesize. But I found a way to lower the quality so that's OK to.

Keep those tracks coming.
I'm still working in the scale bit.
I'm guessing that 1 tile is about 1 foot or 33 cm.

2002.01.09, 09:04 PM

2002.01.11, 04:24 PM
AFAIK everything is working now.
I have added some (IMO) really neat pieces. There are now 67 pieces in total.
Please let me know when you think something isn't working or when you think something needs to be added. If I don't get any complaints I can make it version 1.0 and make a descent page about it.

Get it here (http://zanthrax.8bit.co.uk/index.php?id=7&lang=en).

2002.01.11, 08:53 PM
Very cool zanthrax!

2002.01.11, 09:55 PM
I had difficulty with the 45 degree pieces on mine too.. Mine is over a year old and in 3D autocad. - its not grid based, it use to be but I had to give up the grid to get the 45 degrees to work ;).

You have to kinda set it up the way tyco slot car track works... the pieces dont meat up 100% the track has to give to close the loop in some track designs, but its usualy only a few mm, if the pieces are designed right...

This is my recomendation, instead of 1 grid equals one width of track you should double the grid so it takes a 2x2 grid (maybe even a 4x4 grid to make a single track width, then you can use half tracks for areas half as wide twice as wide etc... as well as some more funky pieces... If that made no sense at all I can show you -- I will make the BMP files if I have too. I like tomake things more complex.

2002.01.11, 11:05 PM
Attached is a large .GIF wich kinda shows what I mean...

The 2x2 tiles is a normal track, 1x1 for pits etc, 3x3 for wider turns (custom pieces to be added).

2002.01.12, 02:35 AM
If you want to print the track you made press'' alt-print screen''
then open ms word, press '' ctrl-v'', now you've exported it to word,and it is printable.


b.t.w. very nice job zanthrax

2002.01.12, 05:34 AM
You don't have to tell me how the program works, I wrote it :)
There is an export function which exports the track to a JPG file, this can be printed by any imagingprogram...
I'm not saying your method doesn't work but some of the pieces ar drawn to look best in the export file.

You're right, I might make a version that uses your idea. I had previously chosen for the current approach to keep the program easy to use and make it possible to get some results fast.
I have also been working in a program in which you just draw one line and the program turns that into a road but that will to more than a week to finish :)

2002.01.12, 06:08 AM
sorry about that, missed the JPG part.....

2002.01.12, 06:02 PM
Zanthrax, aka the Trackmaster.....

YOU came, you saw, you rule! Great planning and design tool!!!!


2002.01.12, 06:22 PM
Ha, trackmaster...
that's what I originally wanted to call it:)

Thanks for the support!
Spread the word and keep those tracks coming in!

2002.01.12, 06:24 PM
I just did the track we have at the club, in less than 3 minutes!!!:cool:

This design took about 30-45 minutes using autocad type programs.

What a gift. Mini-z, you need to add this to your headers for all to use, like permanently.

Thanks zanthrax:cool:

2002.01.14, 12:50 PM
I just uploaded version 1.0, get it while it's hot.
It's now possible to automaticly open the .tmf files in TrackMaker by double-clicking them in Windows.
When Windows asks which program to open the .tmf file with, point it to TrackMaker, that's all !!

2002.01.19, 02:55 PM
Zanthrax...take look at the track pictures that i begin with your software.
Trackmaker is really great

2002.01.28, 01:45 PM
track pictures made with trackmaker, photoshop and 3 d studio max at
http://pagina.de/mini-rc and at pistas

2002.01.30, 03:41 PM
excellent program. thanks.

2002.02.01, 11:13 AM
Makes me feel good to see my humble track peices make it 'big'! :)

Good job with the program!


2002.02.20, 01:06 PM
Got a request (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1328) for a feature so,
a tiny update:
* some of the code was optimized
* the grid's size can now be modified.

I'm still working on some more tiles...

2002.03.02, 11:36 AM
This is a great program! How about a Y Split, and yes Wider lanes that goes into smaller lanes! How did you create this? Visual C?

2002.03.02, 12:20 PM
You have just become the track guru of our great forum!

All hail the the Trackmaster!!

Very cool my man!


I agree with DamZer, this should be a main forum topic because most everyone one here will use it at one time or the other to layout a track design.


:D :cool:

2002.03.03, 06:20 AM
It's Delphi actually, isn't that noticable?

Development is a bit low, i'm re-writting the program i very small steps.
I have a lot of extra trackpieces, there are about 50-60 now, I have 40 new ones.
Problem is: I have to put them in a res file which sucks, cuz I now have to start all over again in the basics of the program. I didn't put to much time in designing the build-up of the program, the idea is good, it worst, the placing of tiles works but Windows runs out of resource trying to load all 100 tile onto the buttons.

I detest the block of code doing the same thing over and over again on the different buttons in the program. But I am have a bit trouble re-design it and I have to deal with a lack of time (GF)...

Using some intersections and diagonal pieces a Y-split is doable: C attachment.

2002.03.03, 12:30 PM
Okay, I've added it as an announcement so it will always be at the top of the Thread list.

2002.03.03, 02:14 PM
I am the trackmaster...

Those who have looked around on this forum a bit probably know I still don't own a Z :(

But TrackMaker trackdesigns are compatible with all RC's :)

2002.03.05, 04:10 AM

I made a track that just shows the functions of the different tiles.

I don't think it's really fun to race on, but it shows pretty much what the program can do. I'm happy

2002.03.07, 09:18 AM
Wow great little program. Hey if you just call each square 20"x20" everything works out great for scale. The track must be around 20" wide to have enough room to race. You could call them 18"x18". But either way it will work out. My only question is...What do you actually build the track out of? I mean it lays it out nicely...but then what? The track drawn above scales out to a 30' by 16' track. Exactly what I would like to build. Maybe a tad wider but still..Nicely laid out. I built this track ( http://www.angelfire.com/blues/jenkij47/miniz.html ) not long ago....but the F1's we race are sooooo fast. Even the 18' straightaway seems short. So In the other half of my basement I wanna put a 25-30' long track....Similar to the extreme one drawn above. Now the track I built was out of trunk liner carpet and aluminum strip walls. The trunk liner carpet isnt as sticky as we hoped and the aluminum sidewalls are expensive and soft 30deg tires stick to the sidewalls like glue. BUT....building the track with them was a BREEZE! You just bend the 10' long pieces to any curve or shape you want then caulk them to the track surface. Any other ideas?

2002.03.07, 12:27 PM
Thanks for the compliment !!
Nice track.
OT ?

2002.03.07, 02:33 PM
Hey no problem. have you built any tracks?

2002.03.07, 03:58 PM
See my avatar:

I don't own a Mini-Z, all I have built is this program.

2002.03.11, 01:59 AM
I dont know how easy this would be.... but you seem to have a really good amount of programming skills.

Maybe you could be able to race cars on the track.... Nothing 3d super graphics accelerated. Just like a GTA1 type overhead view and maybe some oponents.

I think that this would be really cool, though it would make it more of a game and less of a design tool. But hey, anything to keep your mind off of the mini Z you don't have yet.

(I've been redoing my website constantly while waiting for my Z to show up)

Plus this would make all of us currently Z less people happy :D

2002.03.11, 04:11 AM
I 'stole' most of the idea's from an old game called "testdrive - stunts" or something like that. more info (http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Atlantis/6031/stunts.html). it seems to be abandonware (http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node=abandonware)

That game had a trackeditor and actually could run a block around the track to check if it's complete, you could that race the tracks in 3D...

It tried building what you suggested but that was in the first version with only straghts and corners and it was hard enough back then. It still just tried to start and finish at the same point, there was no control. TrackMaker is built in Delphi, not really ideal for writing games.

2002.03.11, 10:16 PM
One of you programmers out there should write a mini Z racer game. A multiplayer internet mini Z game would be soooo cool. I think I'm going to try to write something like this... though I've never really programmed a game before... it cant be THAT hard. :rolleyes:

2002.03.12, 03:17 AM
There are some RC-racing games. Re-volt for PSX is one.

You just take a game add modify the cars to have long antennas on their roof :)
and offcourse change the image for the dashboard-view with one of a TX

2002.03.12, 03:55 AM
Me thinks he'll try to find open source racing game, make it mini Z, make it multiplayer, have mini-Zracer.com online race.

All I need now are some game programming skills... Prepare for all nighter. (where's my jolt?):)

2002.03.12, 04:37 AM
You could look into something called Quake rally (http://www.google.com/search?q=quake+rally&sourceid=opera&num=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8) (google search)

The Quake and Quake2 engine are open-source, that's a nice start !!

2002.03.12, 06:03 PM
How cool, has anyone played this?

2002.03.26, 11:07 AM
When I go to download the Track Maker, it says the zip is not found. Has it been pulled?

2002.03.26, 11:29 AM
I changed the link, try again.
I'm having some trouble with my sites FTP-server.

The PHP-parser and MySQL-DB are still up but the code isn't... at this moment the page is down. Back on thursday !!


I put a link on http://zanthrax.8bit.co.uk/index.php?id=7.

2002.04.04, 06:11 AM
I have a lot of time to kill these days (lost my dayjob last week :() so I finally have some work done on TrackMaker 2.0, it's almost done and will probably be out during the next week.

It's almost done but I had to restucture the TMF format due to the larger amount of tiles (110 now, TrackMaker was designed on a max of 100). I was wondering if there are a lot of people out there who have a huge collection of those files. If that is the case I would probably have to write a conversion tool to convert to TMF files.

Let me know, I don't intend on putting lots of time in it if nobody is using the tool.

2002.04.04, 07:40 AM
I remember 2 games, Stunt Driver, and STUNTS... Stunts was better, cuz it never crashed hehehehe.... both had an editor... I remember hacking the crap out of STUNTS, editing the racer descriptions, one of my first game hacks.. just opened PCTOOLS and started changing hex addresses... man that was a LONG time ago.. before '92 I think hehe... I think it was round time prodigy etc was only way to be "online". Back when I brought a CD to school (that cost 400$ new!), and every one kept asking me what the heck it was.... nothing like posting someting that makes you feel old.

Any way if you didnt figure out 45 degree tracks, I did on my track set, I should have made some sort of tiles for you to use it out of... ;) but my track works differently then just simple tiles, closer to those green/grey tiles I posted earlier... wich I never bothered to finish since there was no intrest in them ;)

2002.04.04, 07:42 AM
Ha i remember stunts, and you had to use the fast car to get the most air.. I was on prodigy too, on 486SX2-50MHZ, on 9600baud modem, omg "surfing" was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW

2002.04.04, 08:09 AM
hell yeah!! stunts ruled!!! I remember there was a flaw in the game, if you were using the Indy Car, and hit a jump or a hill in top gear around 1/2 way up the RPM's, it would shoot you up to redline and you could drive around at like, Mach-3 or something. Wow, it's been a while since I played that, I'll try to find a warez copy to DL.

2002.04.04, 08:10 AM
the F1's were impossible to control!

2002.04.04, 10:00 AM
Yeah, the good old days...

I remember having CD-R's back in '93, I copied some racinggame someone had lend to me. I made a couple of copies just to sell, everybody was raving about that game. When I told them that copying CD's was possible and I had some copies they laughed...

I typed 'arj a -v1440 *.* a:\doom.arj' millions of times back then. WinZip took the fun out of that stuff :from Russ:
I'll try to find a warez copy to DL.
It's abandonware, I already post (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=15049#post15049)ed a link once!: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Atlantis/6031/stunts.html

2002.04.04, 10:02 AM
wasnt it arj a -jm or something for max compression? -v for spanning or something

2002.04.04, 10:06 AM
the 'a' is for 'Add to archive'
I don't remember a '-jm'-switch
the '-v1440' spans the archive over 1440Kb files.

Man, why do I remember that stuff and forget my GF's birthday? (it's a joke honey, it's october 21!) :)

2002.04.04, 10:21 AM
Drac wrote:
Any way if you didnt figure out 45 degree tracks
I did (sortof)...

It's about the best thing I could do.
The program allows you to draw a rough sketch in moments. I consider that to be the 'cool' part of TrackMaker.
I thought about building the grid out of traingles instead of squares but I kept it easy.
C attachment.

2002.04.04, 02:07 PM
I have the Stunts game on 3.5" floppy here some were... Original Disks (2) (as long as the magnets I droped into my box of disks didnt erase it!!!) ;) --- was there some type of read this from page blah blah to get into the game? -- I will have to edit that out again, I think I remember editing the game so you just press Enter when that pops up ;). I know I did it to a few games... back then it was REALY easy to get around that stuff hehehehehe.

I had the game back on a 286... I tried running it when I got my first Pentium... and the game wont run, well it loads and plays, but the second you hit the throttle, your on the other end of the map ;) hehe, the time factor dont come out right on pentiums, you gota use another program to slow your computer down to run it ;).

Man whats wierd is I still remember some of the tracks I made!!! Insane mazes that the only way to find the way out is to follow the AI hahahaha....

I preffered EDITING the cars so they went faster :) muhahah! That lamborhini hummer thing with the indy cars speeds etc rules ;)

Do wish brouderbound would re-release stunts for Windows etc... so sound cards etc would work right... XP etc... maybe touch it up to modern graphics... and add in IPX play, and more then 2 racers ;), more then 2 lanes on the road etc... new track pieces, make your own track pieces etc.. ;) we could hack it to make it Mini-Z racing.

I liked putting like 10 loop the loops in a row...

And my 45 degree thing works different but basicly looks the same... mine WIDENS the track about 1" rather then narrows it down...

2002.04.05, 04:09 AM
well here it is TrackMaker 2.0 BETA.

Watch it, it's still a beta.
I know opening files doesn't work properly.
The rest should work.

Happy TrackMaking!


2002.04.05, 04:26 AM
Looks great, except that the program is looking for the tiles in 'C:\Mijn documenten\trackamaker\tiles' folder. Fix this, and I think we may have a winner.

Cheers :D


2002.04.05, 04:56 AM
you're right, haven't thought of that !!
it now looks in c:\trackmaker\tiles\

it's still beta, remember :)

2002.04.10, 07:59 AM
No improvements yet...

But my page is up again, I put up the original version (usable) and the v2.0 Beta (slightly usable).

2002.04.15, 01:37 PM
Downloading trackmaker doesn't work. What has happened ??

2002.04.15, 02:07 PM
Thanks for the message!

GeoCities doesn't allow links from outside of GeoCities anymore...

Oh well, I moved the files.
try again. It worked for me...

there's no need to thank me, that's just filling the board with crud.
instead leave your crud here (http://zanthrax.8bit.co.uk/index.php?id=9&lang=en)

2002.04.15, 02:35 PM
Fanx !

2002.04.16, 11:00 AM
I added a referercounter to my page yesterday (see stats page)
lots of pages still link to the old page.

please update to one of the links in my signature:

2002.05.05, 08:25 AM
One word: Sweeeeeeeeet! Nice one, very useful, beats the old pen and paper! Can i be cheeky and make a suggestion? Have a 'view' option to view the track without the gridlines. AMazing though, what a program! Raise your glasses please!

2002.05.05, 09:51 AM
Nice suggestion!
I was thinking of adding some different 'modes' for the JPG's to be exported.

Maybe I'll get to it one day... I'm so busy, I'm allways to exhausted to code... :(

2002.07.14, 12:51 PM
I would suggest arrow pieces possibly and maybe dotted intersections to allow for alternate tracks contained in the same track. (Did anyone understand that, I barley do?)

2002.07.22, 08:45 AM
I understand... but what would you do with the arrows?

I also got an suggestion for including an overpass.

I might start doing some work on the program again... it's been a while.

Ken Mifune
2002.07.22, 11:41 AM

Still Z-less?

2002.07.23, 02:21 AM
Yeah, but I've got a new 1:1 car!!

see it (http://zanthrax.8bit.co.uk/index.php?id=12)

2002.08.01, 11:25 AM
My sites s going down pretty frequent. I got a message from my hosting provider telling me that I went over my 100Mb/month bandwidth limit.

If you've got some space left on your site download te trackmaker zip-file, place it on your site and mail me the url.

So I can make a list of mirrors.


2002.08.02, 10:24 AM
zanthrax, we'll host trackmaker here for you! Email us and we'll coordinate.

2002.08.06, 06:21 AM
final version out now...
if there are any bugs, let me know and I will try to fix them.
no more extra parts, functions etc. etc. etc.

Maybe TrackMaker will be back, but not for free !!

2002.08.06, 06:59 AM
I've got unlimited bandwidth on 2 of my hosting accounts...


I'll make a download links page. Get back to me on this. (i'm at work today :-( )

2002.08.06, 07:42 AM
that would be great !!
could you PM your e-mail adress so we can work things out.

the download is only 534Kb but look at my statspage and see why I reached my 100Mb limit :)

2002.08.06, 09:05 AM
zanthrax, thanx for a great piece of software. i'll drink to that, clinky-clinky, cheers bro:D

Zac R
2002.08.09, 03:33 PM
I like making tracks on my computer

2002.10.25, 12:03 PM
copy the program into your Programfiles directory and it will work fine from there!!!!!!

2003.03.01, 10:54 AM
site doesnt work help

2003.03.01, 10:55 AM
im trying slotrace until i can get zanthrax's track to work

2003.03.01, 05:14 PM
mini-z, what became of having Trackmaker posted on this website? I' like to try it out, but zanthrax's new web page does not appear to have it for download any longer.

2003.03.01, 05:48 PM
i no i want to download it off of the site

2003.03.26, 12:52 AM
It's a great one, Z! It'll be really helpful to make my own track. Well, someday I will invite you to drive on it.
Thanks a bunch..!

2003.03.26, 02:14 AM
I moved my site recently and am making some changes to the program,
loading the tiles a bit faster...
make it run from any directory
including a readme.txt

i'll post a message when it's done.

2003.03.26, 03:58 PM
thanks zanthrax

2003.04.01, 01:46 PM
i've got the new version of trackmaker out, i improved in the initialization and the saving of files.

it also isn't necissary anymore to copy it to "c:\program files\trackmaker\", it will now run from any folder.

the new version can be downloaded from http://www.zanthrax.nl/

still no Z by the way :D

2003.04.05, 11:10 AM
thank you zanthrax
u gotta get a Z

2003.04.05, 11:17 AM

I ordered a NSX mugen 2002 5 minutes ago!

2003.04.05, 11:55 AM
sweeeeet:D :D
im happy for u
tell us as soon as u get it
u will love it

P.S. lucky little *beep*;)
just playing

2003.04.29, 04:15 AM
added some bumps for overlandtracks and changed the curbstones.

2003.04.29, 08:04 PM
those are sweet