View Full Version : Mini Z Track Day

2003.02.18, 02:58 PM
Just Posted Pics I took on saturday:


2003.02.18, 03:45 PM
Interesting track.

What is the surface made out of? looks like upside down carpet.

Does it work good?

2003.02.19, 08:25 AM
I'm using underlay and upsidedown carpt as my track surface, the underlay offers great grip, I tend to roll a bit at the corners coming off straights. Grip on the carpet is lower, and the surface is bumpy, due to the it had been stored. overall it's likea rally cross track, with loose and tarmac components. We've rolled the carpet really tioght before putting it away, so it should be more level next weekend.

2003.02.22, 12:29 AM
Cool! You've got four guys racing out there now?! Great! :)

2003.02.25, 01:07 AM
what is the proper width of lane for about 5 cars run together and how long is the best length of the track for Z's?
Thank you.