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2003.02.20, 04:32 AM
Found a perfect fit replacement tire for the overland :p

Got these off a 1/26 scale Dodge Ram die-cast model.

Stickier than the stock tires, work really really well :D


Pretty good fit huh? They are wider, and taller than stock, but the actually rim area is the exact same diameter :)

Car seems a little more stable, and wheelies even more than before :p

why compete??
2003.02.20, 05:30 AM
do the overlanders actuall lift off the floor when you take off just like a real car or are u ppl sure it isnt the shocks raising it from the downfroce??

oh hold on it just came 2 me that it could actually do that coz there good hill climers and they need good power 2 do that... is this what it is from??

and also when it does lift can u actually c it lifting upor do u have 2 get close 2 it

thats siiik

2003.02.20, 05:54 AM
I have the A-bb modiefied motor in my overland, bearings, and now larger than stock tires, and my car will flip back so far that the rear bumper of the body hits the carpet, then it flops back down onto the front tires.

It only does it on carpet, and only when I go in reverse, then hit forward really fast. There are video's of overlands doing this linked in this forum, go take a look for em.

2003.02.20, 07:25 AM
The Land Cruiser is heavier, so getting the front end up takes a little bit of effort, even with bearings and a mod motor.
Mine has an X-speed motor, Squat Neo Magnets, bearings and GPM radial tires.
Like BLiND said, it wheelies on carpet no hassle.

The Pajero, with it's short wheelbase and much shorter bodyshell is a breeze to wheelie.
Mine has an X-Speed motor and Kyosho 30 degree soft tires, it gets the nose up without any hassle

2003.02.20, 08:02 AM
BLIND- that is one well worn overland! those tires look good.

2003.02.20, 04:10 PM
Originally posted by arch2b
BLIND- that is one well worn overland! those tires look good.

Haha! I was wondering if anyone would notice :D

You don't even want to see pics of the passenger side of the body...I played with it a lot at my old job (in a mall) and I would always jump it off large cardboard ramps, and it would be landing on hardwood or carpet (extreme low pile, great r/c surface) and the paint just gets sanded off, lol. The hood actually has *dents* in it from getting stuck under fixtures :p

2003.02.20, 10:15 PM
Tires look great!

Do they mess with clearence in the wheel wells much? It looks like it might rub some, hard to tell from the pics.

And they just fit on the stock wheels you had huh? Cool, I will be looking into that.

Great Job!

2003.02.20, 11:03 PM
Thanks nitroNSX

I can get the tires to rub, but only when I compress the suspension and turn (steering while climbing).

Checkout this pic to show how much suspension flex the overland can do (all tires are touching)

2003.02.20, 11:08 PM
by chance, do you remember who made the model kit?

2003.02.20, 11:15 PM

here's a pic of it, its 1/26 scale and simply called "dodge ram"

I've also got a 1/24 scale ford lightning kit...hmmmmmmm


2003.02.20, 11:26 PM
that's good news. maisto die cast vehicles are cheap.

2003.02.21, 04:11 AM
On the topic of wheelies... I have the land cruiser, and with a 12t (largest stock overland gear) and an x-speed, I had no problems putting the car on its rear bumper. Now, with a 12t, 6x2 fets and a plasma dash, it will wheelie on the kitchen floor, and on a hard wood floor.... it will actually ride a wheelie for a distance, I doubt you will believe me... but hey. LOL. Dare I post pics? maybe tomorrow.

btw, i have had 0 problems running the plasma all day long, i've been through about 10 cycles of batteries. Also, with the gearing of the overland.. there is still torque with this motor. When I put it to the floor, it squats BAD on take off.. to the point of loss of steering hahhahahahahha I love it. if you turn while you take off, it will lift the inside tire up... then rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll like theres no tomorrow.

BTW, I have the Topcad radials for tires.. and lovin them. hate the topcad cyclone wheels though, mine are so crooked, it ain't even funny. Also, the topcad front damper mount SUCKS I had to shave it down to get any travel because the links of the suspension would hit the damper mount. Not the best. Also, just to let you overland guys know... 6x2 is too much for the overlands chassis without mods.. i'd say 4 max. I cut my old chassis and 6x2 fits... just didnt want to mess up the new chassis yet.. Im going to mark it off nice and do enough to fit all 20 i have. BTW, I have absolutely NO trouble with the fets I bought from mysterE, NO delay PERIOD. brakes and ALL work great. everything is FULLY proportional as usual. Power is great.

I will post pics tomorrow if i get a chance, possibly a short video of it riding a wheelie...

you'll see a well worn overland this time around hahaha. Mine has been repaired completely, every part replaced atleast once. I was mean to it since the day I got it.

My list of mods for now is:
Topcad Alloy Front Damper Mount
Topcad Alloy Rear Damper Mount
Topcad Alloy 1 degree Tie Rod
Topcad Alloy Cyclone Wheels
Topcad Radial Tires
Purple Chassis Skeleton
Purple Servo Case Skeleton
Blue Screw Set
Topcad Ball Bearings
6x2 IRF7389
Coil Antenna
Plasma Dash Motor (with 3 caps for nooooo twitch ;) )
GPM Delrin/Alloy Main Gear

Still need to get some oil shocks. (dont worry. I'll get Kyosho)
Still waiting on my larger pinion gears as well.. slooowww ebay sellers suck.