View Full Version : my first ever mini-z: Xanavi Skyline GTR

Ng Luder
2003.02.20, 11:12 PM
Here are some pics for all of ya! i got this for my birthday and less than an hour after i received it i was totally hooked! im a rookie in this hobby and im already very dedicated in learning everything and making my minz the best i can be :) 13 stack fet plus NML motor coming up! :) you might notice i have no side mirrors... thats because the mirrors are on such a very very slim arm, i accidentally broke them when i went to pick it up off the floor one time. they are located in the perfect position for your fingers to squeez =( i tried super glueing it back but it falls off sometimes so i just gave up =P


2003.02.20, 11:19 PM
:eek: nice

2003.02.21, 07:21 AM
nice ride Ng. where did you get the skyline at?

and good to see we both used the same site to base our albums.;)

Ng Luder
2003.02.21, 09:09 AM
i actually got mine as a present from my sis in HK :)

2003.02.21, 09:30 AM
Ng Luder,

I look forward to meeting you this Sunday. I think you'll beat Myster E. in being one of the first to see my latest creation in action.

The El Diablo series motors.

Since you're in the L.A. Area, I'll definitely notify you of upcoming mini z events, like G2Gs and all.

Thanks bro. I can't wait to see your car.

2003.02.22, 06:04 PM
NML your too lucky, there are some many Zers in LA over here its just me and WRC on our own, trying to recruit some drivers though. :)