View Full Version : Pictures of my Mini Z 2002 Takata Dome NSX!

2003.02.23, 05:13 AM
Nothing's been done to the exterior yet exception of the clear front downforce spoiler / bumper....

The suspension travel is limited with a pair of bushings from a Tamiya Mini 4wd kit.

You can probably make out the Kyosho rear roll shocks too. But, it's pretty common I guess. No other mods / hopups.

2003.02.23, 05:15 AM
Check out the bushings. By the way, I originally wanted to take pictures of it at the track too but it's closed so only car. Sorry for bad photography (too dark / too bright), didn't have time to set things up properly.

2003.02.23, 05:18 AM
more picture

2003.02.23, 05:31 AM
Tried to get a realistic angle.. lighting is a problem.

2003.02.23, 05:35 AM
The real Takata NSX for comparison. It's got a little air intake on top like an F1 car which Kyosho did not include. Good thing too. Pic is from http://www.jgtc.net

2003.02.23, 04:32 PM
Very nice...

I have always loved the nsx as a car and i think that the takta paint job is awesome

2003.02.23, 08:23 PM
thats what i almost bought

2003.02.28, 06:52 PM
the two NWESTS vipers, the Race Line and the Eclipse Taisan both have roof mounted vents as do the new Ford Focus, impreza and the lancer...looks like a recipie for disaster...lol...

2003.02.28, 07:26 PM
both are really cool

SSJ Char
2003.07.16, 05:01 PM
is that front bumper mounted to the body, or to the chassis?