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Ken Mifune
2002.01.07, 01:58 PM
I'm not familiar with the actual size but...
Couldn't you double the voltage without changing the weight or balance of the car by using eight N size batteries?
Will any of the Turbos handle 12v?
If I had a Turbo I'd try it. It might be good for drag racing.

2002.01.07, 02:22 PM
I have been wonder if a 9 volt battery could be setup to see what would happen.

2002.01.07, 03:18 PM
I've honestly thought of using some of my loose, matched Sanyo SCE's from my 1/10's on a Mini-Z. Perhaps 6..

I dont have a turbo yet, so I wouldnt try it without a Turbo unit, but the thought is always there.. :D


2002.01.07, 03:18 PM
It really isn't the voltage you need to replace. Not on a mini Z, at least.

2002.01.07, 03:21 PM
Hiya 'Nutz :D

hence, my temptation to use the 2000mAh SCE cells...


2002.01.07, 03:52 PM

How are you man? Hope all is well. I think by putting the matched cells (2000 or 2400's) You'll have a runtime like 24 hours. This is what one will have to use, if there's a 24 hour lemans. But the weight of the batts would probably be a factor. Since it's a small motor, it might not get up to speed. I still gotta send you that picture man. Give me a little more time.

2002.01.07, 03:57 PM
wow really? 2400 mah cells really last that long on the Z? amazing stuff.... i'm gonna try to get my hands on one of those.... then race around the Toronto track non-stop.. haha...

2002.01.07, 04:17 PM
N cells are 3volts already (at least some of them are), so 12 of them would be kinda heavy on the voltage, 36volts, I dont think the turbos would survive them even ;).

The mini-z dont like to go over 6 volts as far as I know, even the turbos might not go past an extra volt or two... could always use a fuse to test it ;).

2002.01.07, 06:23 PM
I noticed that my Sony mobile uses a slim, lightweight 3.9v 800mAh LiIon battery, and was thinking it would be very cool to use a pair of them to power the Mini-Z, as they could be mounted flat and low a la F1 Mini-Z. I don't have a MD player but I think they use small flat batteries too, anyone know the specs?