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2003.02.24, 04:51 PM
I told myself a few weeks before you upgrade the new overland. Well I couldnt' hold out and got the x-speed and new alloy rims.

I also got a new bumper for my F1. He had an unfortunate accident at the tennis courts

I almost went for bearings but I figure I will get those in a bit, I want to get the offical overland light set from Kyosho so that they work right. I will just get bearings when I get the lights.

I got black alloy rims. they are gonna look sweet. Plus I can use the xspeed in both the F1 and Overland ! :D

2003.02.24, 04:55 PM
Flood, I have some black alloys on my Pajero.
They look awesome

2003.02.24, 05:03 PM
Where did you get those rims from Mondo?

2003.02.24, 05:03 PM
Here are the rims I got.

Copy and paste flood.topcities.com/rimz.jpg

2003.02.24, 05:10 PM
Originally posted by SteveGodfrey
Where did you get those rims from Mondo?

Do you like them Steve?. I got them from a place we don't mention on the Mini-ZRacer.com Forums. I'd hate to have to delelte my own Posts.
Mail me and I'll inform you accordingly.

MR - Z -
2003.02.24, 06:57 PM
Haha Flood, when i read your post i thought someone was reading my mind and typing it on screen !

I told myself the exact same thing and like you have ordered the x speed motor and alloy rims ( like in mondo's pic ) also ordered some black alloy wheel nuts for my little pajero

I plan not to order anything else for a while....pffft yeh right, even i didnt convince myself with that :D

Ordered all my stuff from din "cough" ball