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2003.02.28, 10:17 AM
a section just for product reviews.

articles only that is

2003.02.28, 10:57 AM
MZR Race Spec Foam Tire (8.5mm) - Ultra Soft

i really like the added traction and control these tires give me on my kitchen floor, hardwood and smooth concrete. a definite improvement over 30 deg. tires. they do and will pick up every hair and dust ball on the floor. i just wrap my fingers with scotch tape and roll the wheels over and presto, clean again.

highly recommended!

MZR Ceramic Ball Set

these little beauties improved the ride of my powerline ball diff. much quieter and smoother now.

highly recommended!

MZR Z-130-A-BB Custom Ball Bearing Motor

wow, this motor will really increase your speed. a drastic improvement over the stock motor and no turbo needed!
provides greater torque for those power hungy overlands as well. capacitor solder points will have to be fixed for clean fit in the overland with the motor heat sink. this production issues was reported and assured it was being resolved for further production runs.

highly recommended!

MZR Racing Dry Bearing Set

i now have these in my overland and they are great. the truth is in the performance! as evident during crash rollovers, :rolleyes: when the truck comes to a stop, the front wheels are still spinning smooth!

a must have!

MZR G10 O-Plate

i was curious to see how this performed, so i bought one. my powerline roll shock set is now relegated to collecting dust in my mini z box! no more tiny screws to check and recheck and calibrate! not to mention it replaces the h plate as well. you get the performance of both from one part! i really noticed better control while at high speeds racing around on ashpalt as well as noticeably less wheel hop. this has been one of the best handling upgrades!

highly recommended!

2003.03.01, 07:41 PM
West.F1, we're working on that - as I think I've discussed w/ you before! arch2b, we'll have to have you do an article on MZR parts when we have the Article engine up! :D

2003.03.01, 07:43 PM

2003.04.17, 08:43 PM
SQUARE Aluminum 10 Spoke "Inch Up" Wheel (Silver)

one of the best things i've bought. they look great on every body i've used with them. they have proven to be very durable through outdoor use as well.

highly recommended!

2003.04.17, 08:44 PM
SQUAT Racing Dry Bearing Set

the only competitive product is the MZR Racing Dry Bearing Set. i got these before the MZR brand was released, i would go for them now, same top notch quality at a much lower cost.

absolutely necessary!

2003.04.17, 08:46 PM
Aluminum Cross-Drilled Brake Disc Set
Aluminum Front Bulkhead

very nice looking eye candy! the brake disc's add a nice level of realism to the z.

the alloy bulkhead look nice. about the only performance enhancement i can think of would be added weight over the front end to help with traction.

if you have money to burn.


very good for the price. when upgraded with the MZR Ceramic Ball Set, it is really good.

POWERLINE RACING Aluminum Front Knuckle Arms

provides added durablitity. next step is to try the caster knuckles.

highly recommended!

POWERLINE RACING Aluminum Tie Rod - Toe-In

provides add durablitity. improved the straight line tracking and when combined with the alloy knuckles, it reduced the steering slop.

hightly recommended!

2003.04.17, 08:55 PM
KYOSHO Overland High Grip Tire Set (30)

while it's an improvement over the stock 50's, i wasn't impressed. money better spent on the mt tires.

if you have money to burn

KYOSHO Soft Compound Tires (30)

again, while it's an improvement over the stock 50's, i wasn't impressed. i had much better experience with the mzr tires.

if you have money to burn

KYOSHO Under Guard for Overland - Chrome

these are eye candy as they are just painted to look like alloy, which would be a better buy. mine already has scratches, nicks etc. protects the vulnerable pillowball mount for the lower front arm.

if you have money to burn

KYOSHO Overland Wheel Set - Land Cruiser - Chrome

i never had the stock red wheels and i'm not sure i do want them,they aren't the most attractive wheels. the chrome wheels look good on the paris-dakar rally version.

if you have money to burn

2003.04.17, 08:59 PM
GPM Alloy and Delrin Main Gear for Overland (10-34T)

a month after it's release, this was the most reported breakage. this is almost a must for those that push their overland! especially if you enjoy the wheelies and other high torque action.

a must have!

GPM Alloy Battery Heat Sink for Overland

these add to the rugged look of the overland, an asthetic opinion. the little thumb notch makes it easier to get them off. a worthwhile expense if you run an upgrade motor. my batteries get warm when running with an a-bb.

if you have money to burn

GPM Alloy Front Knuckle Set for Overland

durability is the main issue with your overland. there are many reports of the stock knuckles breaking. these are a must if you intend to do the monster tire mod.


GPM Alloy Steering Plate for Overland (0)

with the inclusion of the servo saver on the overland, not to many reports of breaking these. however i was curious to see if the combination with alloy knuckles, would reduce steering slop as it did in my racer. it did!


GPM Alloy Motor Heat Sink for Overland

the benifits of alloy in keeping my a-bb cooler are worth it. there is a slight gap when used with the stock plastic motor pod. not as dirt proof this way, but not a concern. waiting to get the alloy motor pod to see if it fits more snugly.