View Full Version : New forum section: Mini-Z Market

2003.03.01, 02:50 PM
New forum section: Mini-Z Market

... a place for people to post for sale ads for used parts, services, etc.

Stuff like NML stuff, and Myster-E products/services could be posted as stickies.


2003.03.01, 05:52 PM
Well, we already allow those kind of posts under Misc., and I'd be concerned that by creating a Market we'd get eBay sellers and other competing Vendors thinking it was okay to post there. I think we get effective trading and service publicity as is. :)

2003.03.08, 12:32 PM
Just keep some moderators keeping an eye on it. I just want a place that I can go to look for mini-z parts, and sell mini-z parts.

Besides, you do it on yourmicro.com forums...

2003.03.08, 03:07 PM
And there are already ppl selling on here ;)

2003.03.10, 10:44 PM
YourMicro is supported by Advertisers, so we can allow personal sales there. MZR and TRC are supported by our own sales, so that's what we need to concentrate on. Personal sales are always welcome in the Misc. section. We've had lots of problems with sellers on MZR in the past, and with Mondo in S.A., and Russ AWOL, I'm not about to give myself a Moderating nightmare with that tin of worms. I hope this makes sense to you. Please understand that our hosting bills each month are more than my car payment - and I drive a very nice car - so it's imperitive that we concentrate on our own Shop at this site. :)

2003.03.10, 11:13 PM
You have a moderator right here, that still hits the forums 6 to 10 times a day! But Has no powers to do nething about what he sees ;).