View Full Version : Knight Rider K.I.T.T.

2003.03.01, 10:53 PM
Here it is The Knight Rider Kitt fresh from Japan.

why compete??
2003.03.02, 04:52 AM
do they come with the lights stock or did u put em in?

2003.03.02, 07:12 PM
Im friends with metsjedi...he probably wont respond for weeks, so ill answer for him...he bought a package on ebay with almost every z hop up for 90 bucks. the lights were included...but heres the coolest part... KITT comes ready to install the lights. holes are cut in the body so all you have to do is stick the lights in. In addition, mets jedi has a speed checker, and kitt's stock engine is the same exact speed as my x-speed (with the same delrins). The problem is that the package on ebay came with an x-speed. Also, I was so shocked that I thought my x-speed was broken-when I tried my stock engine on kitt it didnt work, also the x-speed didnt work on kitt (the engines made a weird noise, and didnt spin). Kitt comes from japan, so there may be some sort of weird electronics hooked up to it.

why compete??
2003.03.02, 11:09 PM
o ok thanks for the info then

that is prety cheap with a **** load of hop ups...... maybe he can get another Z that can take the x-speed and other parts if they dont fit and put em all on that........ but hey thats just my 2 cents

2003.03.03, 04:21 PM
funny you mention that, metsjedi is addicted, he won an audi tt on ebay 3 days ago. I just told him the other day to do the same thing!

why compete??
2003.03.03, 10:20 PM
the whole car or just the body?

2003.03.04, 08:48 AM
the whole car