View Full Version : another pic of my F40

2003.03.04, 04:17 PM
have a look at this one

2003.03.04, 04:22 PM
those are some sweet decals

but you dont have to start a new thread every time you have a different picture

why compete??
2003.03.04, 11:11 PM
yeah looks pretty sweet.......

what rims are those, the brand and name of the specific rim plz i want some nice ones and they look cool and suit the car heaps

Fiero Man
2003.03.04, 11:38 PM
I believe they are the rims that came on the car.

2003.03.04, 11:51 PM
ya those are stock

Fiero Man
2003.03.05, 12:22 AM
I want thoes in polished aluminium. If anyone ever gets them I pay good money.

why compete??
2003.03.05, 04:43 AM
yeah thats a sweet set of stockies

2003.03.05, 06:08 AM
does that say PIA?

as in Pakistan International Airways?

2003.03.05, 08:11 AM
"PIAA" is a maker of very high quality driving lights, fog lamps, and headlights.

2003.03.06, 02:21 AM
ahh, sry didnt see the other "A"

the font looks kinda simular. nice car btw. just realised i didnt say it before :)

why compete??
2003.03.06, 08:20 AM
simular 2 what??