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2003.03.06, 11:32 PM




2003.03.07, 12:34 AM
Army look! This is great! :D

why compete??
2003.03.07, 03:29 AM
yet another greay job by TOKYOTEKKKI......

but i have 2 ask 1 thing, how did u get the front lights out or dod i paint round them..... fess up and tell me wjhat u done please. thanks

2003.03.07, 11:33 AM
Oh, I used one of the unpainted body kits that we sell for this one...the lights and small parts and body clips, etc come seperate.

One thing that I found out is that CA glue reacts with dull kote, turning it white, and it also frosts clear plastic. So basically I learned that you need to make sure all the painting and dull kote is done before you install the glued parts, or just use the CA glue more sparinging...otherwise you'll get what happened to the front lights on this pictures.

Thanks for the comments!

2003.03.07, 06:25 PM
Looks cool dude!!!! some people in the army might wont that or something. I think Osama will be like what the hell is this coming to get me.. maby we could sell them a slushy