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2003.03.06, 11:33 PM




2003.03.06, 11:36 PM
nice, like the concept...

2003.03.07, 12:32 AM
Crime scene?

why compete??
2003.03.07, 03:30 AM
hehehehe now that has 2 be the funkyest ride ive seen.....

it looks like u done the bullet holes with a soldering iron, was it or not?

2003.03.07, 11:40 AM
Hit it right on the head...some of the detailing didn't come out in the picture...on one side is small arms fire, on the other is large arms fire (either sabot slugs or maybe a larger caliber).

I botched up a paint job earlier..well actually it was a decal job... I used Faskolor paints for the body, then used Microgloss as I was applying decals...then the microgloss started to 1) discolor the Faskolor paint, 2) making the paint run and 3) curling up the decals, so I said #$@$% and semi scratched the paint off, did a Duraluminum paint job, added some gold and black, burned parts of the car, used a soldering iron for the large arms fire, a heated pin for small arms fire, painted the white body outline, and basically just went to town just making the car look like it had been through a ghetto war :)

I think next time I need to find a better way for the large and small arms fire, I wasn't really happy with the way it came out. I might have to go into the holes and paint the center a more silver color for a better effect. I also think it looked better without the chalk outline, which I just added for kicks near the end.

2003.03.07, 05:21 PM
what a great idea, nice work too.;)

why compete??
2003.03.07, 10:39 PM
i think around the holes you should crack the paint off so it kinda looks like real holes...... like in the pic of bullet holes below

why compete??
2003.03.07, 10:41 PM
or this style.....

i got these on my custom coloured chasis, there on the battery snaps in the indent in them and on the front bulkhead in the middle of it, looks kinda cool there 2, hopefully will get pics up 1 day....