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2003.03.10, 02:27 PM
Mini-z: Porshe 911 Gt2 Red Body-Show Suburu Impreza WRX- Beater

Motor: Mini-zracer A-bb Motor, TopCad Motor Mount, TopCad Ball Diff, 8x2 Mini-zracer Internal Turbo Energizer 750 mah Nihms- Megatech 11 tooth Pinion.

Handling: Powerline Rear shock, Powerling H-Plate Med, Powerline toe-in tirod, Powerline Upper front bulkhead, Topcad Alloy BBS Gunmetal Rims, TopCad Bearings.

I am planning on paiting the suburu body yellow and making it my not so beater body :p. Please tell me what you think of my car. And what I should do next.

*Sorry my links didnt work :/ I will try another source

2003.03.10, 08:31 PM
what others think about your car is not important, what you think about your car is

and only you know what you should do next since you should be the only one who know which part of your car is not enough

one thing you should do is to understand yourself and your car and learn how to make your own decision :)