View Full Version : My old Porsche wake a life...

2003.03.15, 01:47 PM
When I put these new rims on it. Look she's shining...

2003.03.15, 05:08 PM
rice nims...i mean nice rims....where from?

Ken Mifune
2003.03.15, 07:48 PM
She's shining? Those new rims must have shined her wing right off.;)

2003.03.15, 07:57 PM
it looks like a rich dude that has hit too many mail boxes:D

2003.03.15, 08:12 PM
very nice, the wheels;) . looks like Square SKM-007LS
Alloy 6 Spoke Inch Up +1mm Rims Set (Wide Wheel Base) if i'm not mistaken. i am seriously considering those for my next body, the cr5. i may just go with the bbs stlye.

that bodyhas seen better days:D looks like my first body, a vitz rs (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album50/mz169.sized.jpg) .

2003.03.16, 05:31 AM
arch2b, You're right, those are Square's SKM-007LS :) I have BBS style also and like them both.

For the body.. it has seen it all, skate-parks, ramps, jumps etc :D

2003.03.16, 12:32 PM
thats what makes mini-z's so fun

2003.03.16, 04:25 PM
My grandmother was from finland...the lap-lands somewhere. I like those porsches!

2003.03.16, 05:40 PM
dont we all

2003.03.16, 09:12 PM
Those square rims aren't inch up.

2003.03.17, 04:12 AM
-Inch up 21mm (original 20mm) :rolleyes:

2003.03.17, 05:36 AM
i believe obeesi is right, i've only seen them sold as inch ups in other asian online stores.

MR - Z -
2003.03.17, 07:09 AM
Yep them wheels give it a boost of " o0o la la " :D

Can someone post a link to squares site or anywhere where i can see/buy there selection of rims :)

2003.03.17, 07:24 AM
MR - Z -, you can find them here (http://www.rc-square.com)

MR - Z -
2003.03.17, 08:02 AM
Thanks Obeesi, just wondering if you have to modify the wheel arches on the body to fit properly ?

Also im guessing they would need a certain type of tyre to go around them ?


2003.03.17, 08:13 AM
mr-z- yes and no. i had to Shave down the back of the headlights on my vitz to get my inch ups to not rub while turning or even slightest suspension movement. nothing major. i had no problems with my them fitting on my altezza. they would not fit on the mini cooper body without a lot more work.

and no, no special tires needed. just stretch any brand tire on. i've used 50/30 deg kyosho tires and mzr ultrasoft foams.

there are a couple of styles left in the shop here and david has said more are coming, david has reported that square has temporarily sold out all of it's stock.

MR - Z -
2003.03.17, 08:31 AM
Ok arch2b , Thanks

My nsx should be ok then with these inch up rims then i , having a look in the shop now :)

2003.03.17, 03:15 PM
show us pics when its done

2003.03.18, 02:25 PM
Originally posted by arch2b
obeesi is right, check squares' website.

You should check website first....
It doesn't say inch up on squares website...

ミニッツ NSX用

SKM-007LS(シ?バー) ?2,900
SKM-007LG(ゴー?ド) ?2,900


2003.03.18, 02:33 PM
Originally posted by Obeesi
-Inch up 21mm (original 20mm) :rolleyes:

It's easy to say it is, where's the proof?

2003.03.18, 02:48 PM
yeah wheres the proof

2003.03.18, 03:15 PM
you have me there, i've edited my earlier post to correct my haste to point to squares website. i can't offer proof from square but a couple of other online stores sell them as inch ups. i'd hate to think they were misleading people. sort of like the ebayers' selling gpm dampers for the overland as oil shocks when gpm expressely states they are not.
i believe someone actually posted a picture measuring them in a previous post. don't have the time to hunt it down.
if it turns out they are not, then i'm wrong. nothing bad about being wrong sometimes.

2003.03.18, 03:19 PM
if ur wrong correct urself and next time dont make fast predictions
live and learn Mini-z's are worth it
so dont leace just becuz u got insulted

2003.03.18, 05:43 PM
rcer- i'm not sure what you said there at the end. i don't think i was insulted, was i? i thought i was being sencere and apologetic. the post subject was ment to be humurous, i guess it's not. sorry. i have no problem admitting a mistake, everyone makes them.
i didn't think it was a fast prediction, it was info i believed to be true based on my forum reading and web browsing, like half the info in this forum. my mistake was using a source that was clearly the wrong one to use, again, i'm sorry.
strider caught my error, thank you strider, and i corrected myself. nothing worthy of being chastized.

i just want to get back to us being happy:D

2003.03.18, 07:02 PM
if ur wrong correct urself and next time dont make fast predictions

your a good one to talk about mistakes...... it;s caled an dicionary...duuuuuuuu:eek:

i mean really, i don't spell everything right but dang i have to read your posts 5 times just to figure out what your saying

2003.03.18, 08:22 PM
my teacher always tells me that so i wanted to sound intelligent sorry:eek: :eek:

2003.03.19, 12:27 AM
Originally posted by Strider-
It's easy to say it is, where's the proof?



2003.03.19, 02:17 AM
I'm not even going to bother anymore if you have that kind of attitude:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

It's about time i left this place

2003.03.19, 05:19 AM
Strider-, Can you explain why they aren't Inch Up's?

2003.03.19, 06:10 AM
dont leave

MR - Z -
2003.03.19, 07:16 AM

Just got a friend in hong kong to get a load of squares wheels in ;)

So i think ill have 1 or 2 sets in my hands in a week or so :D

2003.03.19, 09:22 AM
STRIDER- don't leave, i wouldn't have anyone to point out my errors;) , jking. seriously, pointing that out only helps. i'm better off knowing and correcting my mistake.
why are you so adament that they are not inch ups? just curious.

2003.03.19, 02:25 PM
me 2

2003.03.19, 05:25 PM
arch2b i'm not annoyed at you, i don't care if they're inch ups or not, all i was doing was relaying info from square's site, i'm not wrong, they are....

and it's Obeesi's attitude that pisses of me off, him as his :rolleyes: and *yawn*,was it obvious that they are inch ups? If i don't even have them, and square's site doesn't say it, what am i to believe?? I've talked with people enough and the things that are most annoying are what you did, not like it shows much respect for another person when you use *yawn*, more like an insult and looking down on them.

2003.03.19, 05:36 PM
uve got a point

2003.03.19, 08:20 PM
good point.

i understand your frustration with what you find are obvious errors, i've corrected some myself. i wouldn't say they are the most annoying thing though. personally the most annoying thing to me are exaggeratedly long sig's that drag out a thread and make you scroll through it all to get to the next reply.

2003.03.20, 06:20 AM
i hate those
but i thought there was a limit some ppl have really long sigs

2003.03.21, 10:42 AM
Overall Standings as of March 21st 2003. Leaders of Being Idiots.

First Place Obeesi

Second Place *Yawn*

Third Place :rolleyes:

2003.03.21, 09:01 PM
theres a competition

2003.03.22, 02:54 PM
Cool guys! It's good to be idiot of the month! I'm very proud of it, thanks guys!

Maybe I have to post some new messages in next month :D
Stay tuned!

2003.03.22, 04:18 PM
i'd say you got some pretty good competion:D

2003.03.22, 10:20 PM
ok, i found the right links this time (strider);)

i hope this clears this up.

from model shop online
Product ID : PAR-SQUMZ-SKM-007LS
Product Name : Square R/C Sustain - Alloy 6 Spoke Inch Up Rims Set (Wide Wheel Base)

from k - d racing
Square SKM-007LS
Alloy 6 Spoke Inch Up +1mm Rims Set (Wide Wheel Base)
for M.Benz, NSX, Ferrari, Supra, C5-R

i would put the links but they would just get edited. these are the only other shops i have found other than here;) that sell square wheels

2003.03.25, 04:17 PM
thanks arch2b