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2003.03.18, 01:38 PM
I have 2 mini-zs, one is the knight rider edition that I have a beater 360 modena body on with wide aluminum rims, a topcad ball diff, and a set of ball bearings. I drive this one from my M8 with the special module, using channel 8. I just bought a porsche gt3 mini-z, which is bone stock, run from the perfex controller on channel 4. The problem is, the two radios interfere! Both cars run fine alone (although the M8 car has improved range and less glitching), but when both on, they act as if they are on the same channel. This is very frustrating. Will any 27mhz AM crystal set work, or does it have to be mini-z specific? I ask because I did put crystals (27mhz am from an airtronics blazer) in the porsche because it came with mismatched crystals out of the box. Please help!

2003.03.18, 02:35 PM
When using Kyosho Mini-Z Xtals, you will find the mini-Z frequency tag label RED when its the 1-6 set of channels, and BLACK when its the 1-12 set of channels...


In this photo, see how some of the car crystals are red and some are black? This tells if its a 6 channel set or a 12 channel set...


X = 01
1 = 02
X = 03
2 = 04
X = 05
3 = 06
X = 07
4 = 08
X = 09
5 = 10
X = 11
6 = 12


Channel 4 and channel 08 are the same frequency, thus conflict with each other.

Channel 4 and 04 are not the same frequency and will not conflict.