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Ko Racer
2003.03.21, 07:56 PM
my benz

2003.03.21, 08:15 PM
Originally posted by Ko Racer
my benz

Nice wheels!

why compete??
2003.03.22, 07:20 AM
OH GEEZ that look AWESOM...... where did u get those wheels from.... could you please tell me the brand and name of the wheels and model number if possible...... and that wing can i have the details for that... they are sik man..... nice work.

Ko Racer
2003.03.22, 08:07 AM
thanks guys the wheels are no longer made im told but there from square as for a part # i dont have because i have had them for a good bit.(sorry man) the wing is from the sab wrx body .

here is my gold body also with the rims