View Full Version : glad to see mzr back up

2003.03.25, 08:14 AM
my sympathies for the server problems. i have the lucky job of maintaining the network in my office on top of my usual tasks and it can be a headache.

anyway, glad to have you back up, before i started going through withdrawl;)

2003.03.25, 04:52 PM
i glad you noticed that too, i thought it was just my computer(wouldn't suprize me if it was)

i think it's sad that this is the first thing i do when i get home.....oh well:D

2003.03.25, 04:57 PM
i'm soo glad i'm not the only one! checking and reading through the forum is one of my routines when i get home from work. last night i had to watch crappy reality tv. i don't hink it's sad, same as getting home to watch your favorite tv show. only i don't watch too much tv. i'd rather spend it here! and i watch enough kids shows and movies with my son. i saw 'bugs life' twice last night:o .

2003.03.25, 05:11 PM
Viper, you're not alone. We're a lot of "sad" people here:D After all its the best forum out there;)

2003.03.25, 05:12 PM
it truely is! wait, is there something brown on my nose

i think tinyrc is wtill messed up:(

2003.03.25, 06:15 PM
tinyrc seems to be ok.....

2003.03.26, 08:51 AM
:D Thanks guys, it was really nice to read that, makes me feel like the many hours spent getting everything running again was well worth it! :) Most things are working again now, the Gallery is having some problems though. Please let me know of anything else you discover that's still having problems. Thanks! :)

2003.03.26, 12:33 PM
makes me feel like the many hours spent getting everything running again was well worth it! :)

I totally freaked out when it was down, now I know how bad I'm addicted to these little cars, jeez :D

Thank u David for fixing the server :)

2003.03.26, 03:40 PM
hey mini-z/tinyrc did someone delete my post about the Think Happy 1/45 cars? it was in the "other tiny rcs" it's not there anymore.....just wondering;)

2003.03.27, 06:19 PM
hellllllooooooo? where you at tiny/mini?

i guess i'll just repost and see what happens:)

2003.03.28, 01:07 AM
Your posts where deleted cause a hdd broke down in the server, and the most recent backup was one of 2 days ago so all posts were deleted from that time, just post again :)

David's last post on the forum was @ 2003.03.26 04:19 PM

And he isn't repying my emails anymore, where is he?

2003.03.29, 11:52 AM
David's last post on the forum is still @ 2003.03.26 04:19 PM

And he doesn't reply my emails, so I guess he can't recieve mine, looks like he's still fixing some server problems?

2003.03.30, 08:13 AM
He replied my email YES!!! :D

It's still totall chaos @ mzr.com because of the server problems, can't wait for his next reply with details about the pricing of the Abrams tank :D

2003.03.30, 07:01 PM