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2003.03.30, 02:52 PM
with three tracks currently available in columbus, ohio (Latency's, TTs and Mickey's), there were talks among the racers of starting an enduro series combining all three of the named track locations. In order to get a feel of how of how things would go, two 100 lap exhibition runs were done using both the sedans and the F1s after official racing was completed at TTs yesterday (see other thread)

100 Lap Practice Mains

the rule was set that each driver had to pit at least once during the 100 lap race to change a full set of batteries leaving when to pit up to the individual driver.

GT Class Race Results

1st) wtgfdtbs
2nd) latency
3rd) mickey
4th) westf1

For the F1s, the rule was changed at the last minute in order to see if 100 laps without pitting was feasible. The idea being if we could do 100 laps on single batteries, perhaps a 200 lap race would be possible with of course a required single pit stop

F1 class Race Results

1st) Latency (jordan)
2nd) WestF1 (mclaren)- retired after lap 82 from loss of battery power

conclusion: the 100 lap sedan race proved just as exciting as the official races that we've done which typically run in the 30-34 lap ranges. battery changes adds more suspense to the race making things even less predictable with some unexpected elements such as severe tire wear.

after completing the enduro race, this is what became of mickey's rear foams. now that's racing:


doing the same amount of laps without pitting (as we did with the F1s) is definately a possibility especially toward doing a 200 lap enduro. the difference between them naturally would be in the strategy. with a longer race (200 laps) you couldn't pit too soon even if it meant a single battery change as you run the risk of pitting a second time later on. based on how i retired racing with latency, ensuring adequate battery charge (and perhaps even pinion choice) definately comes into play more-so than it does when pitting was involved within 100 laps in the sedan race.

as we continue to race here in columbus, i'll keep you posted what we've come to decide for the enduro series. 100? 200? knowing us, probably both. well see. stay tuned for updates, only here on miniZracer.com

2003.03.31, 02:56 PM
maybe u can do a 500lap enduro on a banked oval for f1 and racer there 4 tires and fuel(batts;) )is required to finish:D :cool: :cool: :D

edit: pitstops are timed and occor under green flag if needed but can also happen under yellow flag