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2003.03.30, 07:45 PM
well kyosho has like 6 sites set up to host their regional contest. The thing that sucks is they are eliminating most of the performance out of the races. The open class, yes OPEN, will only allow x speed motors and no turbos. It negates most of the upgrades most of us have done to our Z's in our quest for speed. Well anyway any one interested in more info just go to the kyosho website

2003.03.30, 07:57 PM
why such extreme limitations? seems like they took all the fun out it.

2003.03.30, 09:00 PM
i guess they figured out that not all turbos are created equal...

2003.03.30, 09:56 PM
I'm sure they're not, but putting limitations on "open" they could have just said x-speed class, or city drivers only this race isn't open for people who like to drive on the highway, I can understand using the the mini-z electronics, but just as long as they are still in use open should mean just that!!!!!!

2003.03.30, 11:10 PM
where are these sites please? I'll search too.

2003.03.30, 11:32 PM
Originally posted by arch2b
why such extreme limitations? seems like they took all the fun out it.

Kyosho parts only I guess. :D

I think it'd be more fun to have similar speed cars and up to the skills of the driver instead of relying on modifications to the motor to overtake. Should make for very interesting race.

2003.03.30, 11:34 PM
I'll be at oshkosh unless something bad happens to me! All 3 classes! Gonna be a long day!

2003.03.31, 08:10 AM
I plan on attending the one in ny, I will be entered in 2 of the classes. I fully agree about letting things be determined by driver skill, but don't list something as a open class, when in reality it's a limited class. I'm not sure how strict the enforcemnts will be in the classes, but how many of us still have a car bone stock as it came out of the box? I know I've broken h bars and other stuff on my stock race car. Mind you I've replaced it w/ aftermarket hopups but nothing that Kyosho doesn't have that is comparable, except I paid alot less for them. Thats my gripe as far as that stuff goes. I was just wishing the races would have an unlimited class where everyone would be able to show off what a mini-z can really attain. Plus it would help to put an end to who has the best motors, performance and the like. On a national stage everyone would be able to show off their creations in the search for the ultimate "mini-z" Thanks for listening

2003.03.31, 11:07 AM
in Hong Kong, we have already racing for stock car (no turbo installed and x-speed or stock motor only).

surely it's a little bit painful for us as the speed of mini-z is going faster and faster.

i have asked for the reason of those restriction, the kyosho hk told us that we have to get use with the stock racing so that we can follow the Japan side's regulation in order to have a better result.

yes, we all have chance to race in Japan, if you are the top 3 winners in your country. :)

2003.04.01, 06:03 AM
i can see where they're coming from. 'Open class' meaning 'open to any kyosho products'. remember there's still the business side of hosting races. if kyosho wants to hold a kyosho cup, it wouldn't look well if someone came and sweeped the races with nonkyosho products/motors. not good for product sales if that happened.

i don't think this limiting factor will take away from the fun factor anyway. most likely when you line up on the grid and the green light goes on, the last thing you'll be worrying about is the rules.

where are these sites please? I'll search too.


latency and i talked about making the one in NY.

2003.05.01, 10:03 PM
I think it sucks having the OPEN races RESTRICTED.

**********BUT******** The competition will be huge. As the speed demons that many of "US" are, driving will be the ultimate skill and not just a "money war" and tech secret war.

***Although I DO favor a REAL UNLIMITED MINI-Z class and think it will be DEMANDED in the near future.

But you have to know...K Y O S H O is money driven and will ONLY accept its parts being used. Thats BUSINESS everyone. We can't change it. Sucks though.

" If you so afraid of other individuals making you (KYOSHO) look bad, then get your multi-million dollar (yen) making butts on the ball and make the "fastest" setup to beat everyone...so then you can actually have an "UNLIMITED" CLASS.

HEY West.F1:
South of Columbus???? Anywhere near my hometown of Circleville???????? let me know.

2003.05.02, 09:47 PM
at our race club in columbus there's a stock class that a few are contemplating getting started come next season in three weeks. pretty much the same idea as the nationals. limiting everything to the skill of the driver.

i for one won't be making it to any nationals though i'm satisfied with racing locally

Kev71h- i live in chillicothe and pass thru circleville on my way to columbus. nice clean town that circleville. i grew up in Los Angeles btw before getting stationed in Ohio which is what landed me here. stayed ever since.

2003.05.02, 10:10 PM
2EZ and I are planning on going to the Florida race.

I am truly bummed that the open class is limited to K parts. I haven't run a car in a long time without an O-plate. Just how are they going to tell if the bearings and the CF H-plates are K or not?

Well, guess I have to spend some jack to get a K diff, and a set of side-roll shocks to take the place of the O-plate. X-speed is not my idea of open, but they made the rules.

Box stock, wow, I dug through the parts bins and finally came up with enough to put a chassis back to stock. Got to admit that after all the money spent on faster stuff, the box stock is still fun and the unpredictability of the suspension makes it a challenge. Thankfully we can use whatever tires we want except for foams.

WEST.F1, you are so right!! The adrenaline will still pump and the Fun will be contagious. Just hope that they truly know how to tech. There's a lot of old slotcar guys out there that can make the 130 and smaller motors roar. 2EZ, take note, I know where you live.


2003.05.12, 11:40 PM

I go to chillicothe all the time. My father lives there and when I fly to Columbus (often) I drive there.

I should bring my Mini-z one of these days. I still fly my airplanes in OHIO VERY often. On Kellenbarger road off 104.

I also used to live near Capstone hobbies in Westerville before I moved to San Jose. Great R/C in OHIO.

It will be nice to compete here in San Jose. (mini-z that is)

2003.05.13, 06:16 PM
I was thinking of participating in the stock class. But do I need to own my own transponder? They have instructions on the website on how to install one, but I dont want to spend $65 on it. Anyone know if they are provided or not?

This will be my first race with a mini. I am looking forward to it. I'll be at the Oshkosh site so hope to see some of you there!

2003.05.13, 08:48 PM
Hey space_doc, my brother and I are both going to Oshkosh. We'll both be racing STOCK. Not too much pressure to have the right setup...just the right tires and some skill. I contacted the event organizer and he said yes you do have to purchase your own transponder. They have them for $60 or amb-it has it for $64. They said you could purchase it the day of the event if need be. He stated that first place prizes are new miniz cars! But hey for $64 transponder and the $15 entry fee you could buy your own new miniz! The event organizers email is hobby@vbe.com (hobbytown usa store) so drop him a line if you have any questions.

2003.05.13, 11:51 PM
Thanks Crotalus. I'll drop him a line in the next few days. See you guys there!

2003.05.27, 02:04 AM

You asked about teching CF h-plates and bearings. It is my understanding that _any_ bearings are allowed in mod and none are allowed in stock. Am I wrong? Also, the Kyosho CF h-plates are a totally different material. The other aftermarket stuff is laminated graphite and the Kyosho stuff is a natural unlaminated material. IMO the Kyosho ones are superior for handling anyways.

2003.05.27, 08:50 AM
You are not wrong. The stock class is just that BOX stock. No bearings or any modifications to the car/chassie. Any rubber tirescan be used (no foams) and only Kyosho wheels (plastic no alloy). The "open" :rolleyes: is just Koysho upgrades with the exception of Batteries and bearings. Any bearings and any batterie can be used. Oh yea, The stock is just alkaline Batteries.

mini Z modifier
2003.05.28, 07:44 AM
I am going to the Oshkosh race. I'll see some of you there.;)

2003.05.28, 08:44 AM
Originally posted by mini Z modifier
I am going to the Oshkosh race. I'll see some of you there.;)

mzm you still here?
Gonna take your old Betacam and daddy's stopwatch with?
Will you dispute the end result like you dispute everything else?
I thought you were playing with HotWheels cars and Tamiya Mini4WDs nowdays.

mini Z modifier
2003.05.28, 06:06 PM
nope. I do not like mini 4wds any more but I still collect hotwheels cars.;) . But I dont think you'll be at the oshkosh race so i'll be glad because I wont be racing against "AN ONLINE BULLY":D . and anyways the guys that i'll be racing will be good drivers but if you went to the oshkosh race me and the other guys from this site would waste you easy.;) .

2003.05.28, 10:00 PM
Uhh, now-now, let's all play nice!!

2003.05.29, 02:53 AM
Originally posted by mini Z modifier
nope. I do not like mini 4wds any more but I still collect hotwheels cars.;) . But I dont think you'll be at the oshkosh race so i'll be glad because I wont be racing against "AN ONLINE BULLY":D . and anyways the guys that i'll be racing will be good drivers but if you went to the oshkosh race me and the other guys from this site would waste you easy.;) .

Hehehe, on-line bully? I like that, although I have no idea what your talking about.

Waste me easy? In a race? You could certainly try. Waste me by another means? You'd die trying.. :)

mini Z modifier
2003.05.29, 05:14 PM
with a mini Z Lol

2003.06.22, 11:31 AM
Two points of clarification. Any ball bearings may be used. The do not need to be from Kyosho. Secondly, you must provide your own transponders........good luck!

2003.06.22, 11:32 AM
Almost forgot,

According to Kyosho, bearings (any make) are allowed in the box stock class. Wohooooo

2003.06.22, 12:56 PM
Then they must have changed the rules. The Z Cup in New York They supplied the Crystals, Transponders (if you needed one) and the stock class could NOT have bearings.

mini-z racing
2003.06.22, 01:04 PM
If i get a mini-z what should i hop-up first?

2003.06.22, 07:49 PM

2003.06.22, 08:17 PM
Tires, Ball Diff, Bearings. These help you control the car better. With better control you can have more fun :D .

mini-z racing
2003.06.22, 09:53 PM
Can you show me what kind of tires,bearings and ball diff i should get.

2003.06.23, 07:50 AM
Just go to the shop here to order what you want. that would be the quickest. Or sometime you can meet me at the CP Mini Raceway and anyone there would be more than happy to help.

mini-z racing
2003.06.23, 10:37 AM
Do the stock tires work good for the Cp raceway? and what is the best thing i can hopup for my first hop up? when are you there?

Ken Mifune
2003.06.23, 10:45 AM
Bearings- Mini-ZRacing.com Racing Dry Bearings. They rock.
Ball Diff- Kyosho (it has to be Kyosho)
tires- Unless someone has raced the track and can make a suggestion, bring all the tires (Kyosho) you have. No foam.

2003.06.23, 12:39 PM
So this weekend is the second stop for the nationals in
Oshkosh. Any word on the number of entries?

I can't wait to see the results and pics.