View Full Version : Calling all Racers in Lower Michingan (N. of Detroit area)

2003.03.31, 02:38 PM
Any one that can get to my area of michigan in the next two weeks keep an eye open, I am going to be declaring a Mini-Z race day, I found a place to set up a track :) as to weather or not they let me do it free, or charge for the space (a lot of it), that is yet to be decided, I am also unsure as to when, I am building a track, but since its not done yet, and wont be for a long time, I will be just using their flat carpet (perfect for Z use) as the track surface, along with some hose/pipe insolation for barriers...

If you can get to this area at any day/time in the future, post here when is a good time for you... day time etc... I will try to make it a day that the most ppl can show up. Hopefully David (from this site Mini-Z) can show up and hock a few wares live in person :).

2003.04.01, 11:46 AM
i might come up for this one. let us know of the locale and date.

and rules perhaps. obviously a true 'open' class on this one ie run what you brung situation

2003.04.01, 05:14 PM
Chances are there wont be any rules.. just put it on the track and go (not realy worth a long drive)... might not even be a race, depends who shows up and what those that show up feel like doing... and if my Z's even work :) ever time I meet to race my Z it falls apart or someting... (luckily I have 2 now) hehe.

However if they make me pay for the room the first day, I wil lhave to organize some sort of race to make it worth paying like if they charge me 50$, ill have to earn 100$ some how, and give 50$ to the place and 50$ for the prize for winning or someting stupid...

2003.04.01, 06:35 PM
in that case. save the headache and the money. you and miniZ come down to columbus for a weekend!:D

2003.04.04, 11:23 AM
Oh come on, I know there are more Michigan Z owners then just me and MZR.com..............................

2003.04.08, 02:54 PM
I might come over to the States in the summer of 2004 ;)

...but Sweden is closer and then I could go to geekjoan's tracks :D (www.geekjoan.com) I don't know where to go yet :)

2003.04.25, 12:11 PM
I would probably get killed by your rides; maybe if you un-hopped up your cars...

2003.05.22, 08:45 PM
what's the hold up up there neighbors? :D

i'd be willing to take a trip just to run with you guys just one time.

2003.05.23, 02:48 AM
looks up at the sky inocently whistling, hides a large track behind his back...

From what I gather, MZR.com is working with some one to make a track, I guess it saves me from making one for the forum... so mine will just be MY track I guess... if I make one... I plan to lug it around to parties such as the rc-parties.com does ;). (gimme a deal for that;)

2003.05.23, 05:56 PM
Well, I'm a Michigander.....looks like we have at least 2 to race. Three if WestF1 comes up. :)

Seriously, though, I'm certainly interested in a race. Let me know if you do get anything organized. For some reason, these things are so popular, but I find it hard to find a race. :(