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2003.04.01, 09:40 AM
last night i decide to disect a motor and count the number of turns in it... so i dug through my lego box and found a mabuchi 130size motor... i then opened it up and and wound it... .. it had 246 turns , like wow..
why did it have so many turns? could it have been a genarator?


Ken Mifune
2003.04.01, 11:18 AM
Did you count all three sides?
If it's actually an 82 turn it's a high number of turns but not insane.

2003.04.01, 05:58 PM
i unwound only one of the 3 sides...and it was 246 per side..

2003.04.01, 09:59 PM
the wire must be very thin, right?

Ken Mifune
2003.04.01, 10:36 PM
I'm skeptical (nice to meet you). Can you post some pics?

2003.04.02, 09:18 AM
yup, the wire is very thin.... don't know the gage. (for bit char-g people) it is as thin as the bit steering wires

2003.04.11, 09:58 AM
This means that it is just an high efficient very low power motor & low speed motor.

Only if you used Volt over 200V you can get revolutions close to a Mini-Z 130 motor. .. But you get also lot of smoke & fire after 0.001 Seconds !

Power of a eMotor = Power * Efficiency.

Power = V*I = V*V/R = 4.8V*4.8V/R (Mini-Z case)
Efficiency = 85% to 40%

Lego motor has R around 20times more then a Stock Mini-Z
maybe Efficiency is double !

So the lego motor can at best put on weels on the 10% of a Mini-Z stock.

But a Lego-MiniZ can run for 20*2 times longer !



2003.12.27, 02:58 AM
oh here's the pic

2003.12.27, 10:47 AM
Would that make it a very high torque motor as well?