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2003.04.09, 09:14 PM
hey guys, I just installed my first of many hop-ups into my OL, and i noticed a BIG decrease in speed the next run. I purchased a red screw set, aluminum knuckles, and a allot/delrin spur. I also set my OL to the longest settings, this might be the main reason for the loss of speed, could anyone help me out?

2003.04.10, 07:59 AM

Wierd. Do you have bearings in your Overland's idler gear shaft?
Also, double check that the Delrin idler gear spins freely.
The GPM Delrin idler gear's shaft is a tight fit when it comes to the bearings.
You cannot exactly press the bearings on to the GPM idler gear's shaft, I tapped mine on with a Team Orion HPI Micro RS4 alloy wheel wrench and damaged the bearings.
On the second Overland, the Land Cruiser I squeezed them in using a small vice.
The Pajero with the damaged idler gear bearings is noticeably slower than the Land Cruiser now.
New bearings are on the way :)

2003.04.10, 03:18 PM
hmmm, i dont remeber having a bearing on my idle gear. Ill have to check again if i installed it, i remember having a little black bushing on teh underside, but not sure if thats what your talking about.

2003.04.10, 03:25 PM

Right, what I suggest is that you replace all those plastic bushings on the Overland with a bearing kit.
My next suggestion is to replace the Delrin idler gear with the standard plastic unit and see if the Overland performs any better.

2003.04.10, 05:08 PM
I hvae a bearign set, but there were no bearings provided for the idle gear, also i have shredded the stock one and could not use it.

2003.04.10, 05:40 PM
Are you sure it was a set for the overland??

2003.04.10, 07:42 PM
yep, i got it through the shop. I havent seen a bearing that small in my life, there is only one bushing used in the idle gear itself and it is realllly small. A bearing would be almost impossilbe to find in that size.

2003.04.11, 02:36 AM
Originally posted by GrEenGoBlIn
A bearing would be almost impossilbe to find in that size.


How wrong you are... the bearings do exist and I have them fitted to both my Overlands.
I bought them from an on-line auction site, I'm sure you can work that out.
They are not the greatest quality bearing sets (at under $10 for a set of 9) but a cheap bearing beats a plastic bushing hands down.

2003.04.11, 08:50 PM
ok, i just measured the bushing for the idle gear it is 4mmx2mmx2mm. I have a 9 bearing set, and NO bearing came with the set for teh idle gear, i recieved 2 for the diff case for teh differential. You all must be thinking of those bearings. Can someone take a picture of it for me please.

2003.04.11, 09:45 PM
I was going to say the shop doesnt have OL bearings, I had to get mine on an online auction too.

2003.04.11, 09:45 PM
I got the el-cheapo RCRM $10 bearing set for my overland, and it came with 2 tiny fricken bearings and they fit where the idler gear rides...

your car would probably only go slower if your gear mesh was too tight...stop worrying about the bearings and check that before you wear out one of the gears...

2003.04.11, 10:43 PM
I wore out the diff gear on my LC so I ordered a gpm ball diff although it doesnt have a locker :(

2003.04.11, 11:49 PM
i had the rcrm bearing for my overland, a present from my wife. yes they are cheap and you get what you pay for with these. mine sucked anyway. i bought the 7pc mzr dry bearings and what a difference. mini z has said they will supply the remaining 2 tiny bearings for the main gear as soon as he can. i just kept the rorm's in.

for those that doubted him (david) a few months ago and were upset the store was empty, there is plenty to get now as predicted and foretold;) . a little patience pays off in the end.

2003.04.12, 11:13 AM
I have a few sets of the topcads, and they work great.