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2003.04.15, 12:36 AM
Heres a few shots of my Z with my Supra bodyset.

2003.04.15, 12:37 AM
Heres another.

2003.04.15, 12:38 AM

2003.04.15, 12:39 AM
Without the cover.

2003.04.15, 12:40 AM
Last one for now. As you can see I had the shock set at one point but I removed it. I don't really care for it too much.

2003.04.15, 12:48 AM
Heres the first attachment I didnt send the right one before.

2003.04.15, 01:06 AM
That sure is pretty! I think I have one of those coming...I have the blue one and it is trashed already!!!!

You drive it yet? There are still mirrors on your car!:D

2003.04.15, 01:26 AM

mine hasnt looked that good since i first got it:D

2003.04.15, 06:43 AM
I've driven the car mostly around the house. It hasn't been outside yet. The Supra body is new I haven't broke off the mirrors yet but a piece came off and I had to crazy glue it back on.

2003.04.15, 09:57 AM
nice, thts wht i ordered...

there is a way to make flexible mirrors u know...they won't break off

2003.04.15, 11:32 AM
well what is the way to make mirrors flexible then? huh? what is it?:p

Jedi, did you break off the little front/side spoiler thingy? I broke those off and saved them for later. Here is my car now...it's only a couple weeks old.

Note the trashed roof...it's from the wind (WINK);)

2003.04.15, 12:24 PM
Looks nice. You going to post photos of the WRX you got when it arrives? You outbid me by $1. SO today I had to get a Porsche GT-3. Have fun and welcome to the forum. :D

2003.04.15, 12:26 PM
wow, that thing has taken a beating;)

i have yet to break a mirror off and i run on asphalt. my vitz looks alot like your supra!

2003.04.15, 01:42 PM
I know this ain't my thread, but I gotta say that my supra went down the storm drain. You see it flipped onto its lid and slid about 20 feet into the sewer grate. Luckily it landed upside down and floated on the muck (just run-off, mud, and weeds) so the inside didn't get wet. I had to use a coat hanger to snag it out of there. I was working FAST!

2003.04.15, 03:26 PM
On my car I had one of the plastic pieces from the front broke off already, I reglued it but I should probably think about saving them.

2003.04.15, 06:50 PM
nice z, nice pics, good lemon on 5th

2003.04.16, 10:25 AM
what wheels are those? those are the ones i want!

anyway on my supra (esso ultraflow) i took the little front tabs off and are keepign them for later. actually they popped off on their own and i never bothered to reglue them. fortunately they seperated at the tabs like they are sposed to.

2003.04.16, 11:01 AM
did you guys buy the autoscale or a readyset supra? i am just wondering if there are any differences.

also, can someone tell me if..

1. supra autoscale wheels are wide? offset? standard?
2. long, medium or short wheelbase?
3. low, or high motor mount?

cheers :)

2003.04.16, 01:05 PM
GMEOVR. I bought the autoscale...I don't think there is a difference.

Wide back tires/wheels, normal front.

Same as Mercedes front and back...not as off-set as the ferrari f50

Low motor mount (I think)

Yeah, the front mini-spoilers popped off right away. Put them away I did (same as mcharles).

2003.04.16, 01:38 PM
i actually like the way it looks better minus the front spoilers.

and...what rims are those?! i want them bad!

what is the difference between the autoscale and the readyset?
i got the readyset.

2003.04.16, 10:07 PM
The only description I have for the wheels are "5 Spoke Cyclone Wheel", check for them at your local website or ebay.

2003.04.17, 10:09 PM
I don't think there is any difference between the autos cale and ready set. Autoscale is just a way for them to sell more bodies, it's not like your gonna go buy a new Z every time you like a body. At least I hope not.