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2003.04.16, 11:18 PM
Just a few shots of my Focus.

2003.04.16, 11:20 PM
Basically I just have to find some rims I like. Unless they come out with a high motor mount hop up.

2003.04.16, 11:21 PM
Under view.

2003.04.16, 11:22 PM
And now an appearance from everybodies favorite California Highway Patrolmen.

2003.04.16, 11:44 PM
gpm makes one.........try d****** www.******.com

2003.04.17, 12:47 AM
Thats cheesy not being able to see another website address.

2003.04.17, 12:50 AM
take out teh spaces www. rc mart .com d.i.n.b.a.l.l. that should help run the web address all together with out the d.i.ball part...the search and youll find it i think they are like 18 or 21 bucks though

2003.04.17, 01:08 AM
Now I got it. Thanks.

2003.04.17, 03:38 AM
That car is gorgous! You should get some radial tires for it...GPM makes some that are sooo sticky!

CHIPS...Look Paunch, over there! Da da da-DA daaaa!!!

2003.04.17, 10:26 AM
I want to get some cool tires and rims, tires are the one thing I don't know too much about, as far as when you look at them on web sites I don't know what the difference between 30 and 60 grade tires is. But other than that I agree the Focus is a sweet car.

2003.04.17, 10:45 AM
the lower the deg. number, the stickier they are.

stock are 50 deg. i would say alot of people run 30 deg. or less. i just got some 18 deg. and they are great on hardwood.

2003.04.17, 10:06 PM
Thanks I never knew that. The higher the number the more spongy they become then? O r are foam tires something different?

2003.04.17, 10:18 PM
the lower the number, the more sticky (better traction) and higher numbers are harder.

foams don't go by numbers, that i know of. mzr's foams are listed as soft and ultra soft.

2003.04.17, 11:19 PM
just a quick note about tires..

the degree rating of the tire relates to the temperature at which the rubber melts.. so a 30 degree tire would start melting at, you guessed it, 30 degrees ;)

2003.04.18, 12:57 AM
Is that celsius or farenheit?

2003.04.18, 01:03 AM
celcius i would say.. the real world uses the metric system ;)

2003.04.18, 01:07 AM
the real world uses the metric system

I would have melted tires all over the place if that was Farenheight...that word is hard to spell, that's why the rest of the world picked celsius!;)

2003.04.18, 04:40 PM
I was aware that it was celisius.

Is that the red or the white?

2003.05.13, 10:30 PM
nice Focus there Mets

the LHS has the rally imprezza but i'm wanting that focus! Our second season of racing is starting next month. Best of all a Rally class will be added. can't wait

btw. in case you have a PS2, rent out Colin McRae 3
great rally sim

2003.07.23, 12:54 AM
so the 10P tires melt at 10PC?

Do you understand my confusion?

2003.07.23, 01:33 AM
not when it melts, when its at peak grippyness