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2003.04.17, 08:48 PM
I haven't played with my overland for around a month cause i smoked some fets. i bought new ones and installed them. I put everything back together and started playing with if. after around 5 feet i lost reception? what's up woth that?
any help


2003.04.17, 09:41 PM
make sure there are charged batteries in the TX, and that your antennae is screwed down tight. if it moves, then the connection can come and go. also, check and see if the crystal is all the way in on the Z, and the TX. If anyone else knows something i forgot, feel free to add, i'm learning too!:p

2003.04.18, 05:05 AM
had some problems with pal's pejero too.....

problem exists if you're playing at home....too much interference with objects like tv, fridge and other appliances....and if i'm not wrong....after losing rx....does your ol start wiggling and running wild for awhile...?

if it does......try running outdoors.....if the range is still same pathetic 5 feet and problem continues with fresh batt and stuff like that....then i'll share with you not-recommended-take-apart-reposition-antennae solution.....

hope this helps.....:D

2003.04.18, 11:00 AM
yeah, outside, inside, doesn't matter....still no reception. could i have blown something on the board? thanks

2003.04.18, 11:15 AM
are you absolutly sure that you only fried some FETs and not something else, go to drac's homepage and he has a tutorial on fixing a fried board, correct me if i am wrong, but it should work (in theory) on an overland.

good luck i hope you can fix it with out getting a whole new board;)

2003.04.18, 03:33 PM
if u have a landcruiser send it to me and i will coil about 3-4ft of wire inside the cab and route about 1'' thru the joint between the front window and the hood on the right side i did it to my landcruiser but i only coild about 2 ft of wire because my rx is just fine pic attached of visible portion of my antenna mod

edit: i get about 90-100ft of range thats way too much for something this size

2003.04.18, 06:02 PM

I have not tried my OL at work, but with my other 3 Z's that runs perfect in the house here and at work before, it was suddenly the same as for you when i did take them with me to work one day. One after one, all where loosing contact after a few feets. Then I get the idea to try another frequency, and it worked out fine. Something "new" in the air did interference with the Red frequency that I had in my "work" Tx...
Either that or you should look over your soldering after the work you did. My 2c.