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2003.04.18, 09:49 PM
Hi racers. I hear alot about the pro-z chassis. How about liquid rc chassis.Has anybody run one.Can anybody give a good comparison on the handling,pro-z vs. liquid chassis.Would be a good to compare both.Ive been waiting for my pro-z chassis and waiting...Liquid looks like good altenative.Does anybody have a liquid chassis?Thanks in advance.

2003.04.18, 10:10 PM
I can tell you what the differance is. The liquid-z will come if you order one, the pro-z has yet to arrive. Would love to answer your question for real though. I have a lquid-z. I Liked some things about it, some things I didn't like. It did arrive a week later. Still waiting for a pro-z. Been waiting since before X-Mas. Said it would be here before that. Didn't know he meant this coming X-Mas.

2003.04.18, 10:20 PM
i have to agree with msyko, it is hard to compare something to something that really no one seems to have, seen a few people that said they got it and it is worth the wait, but nothing is worth the wait if you get screwed around buy the seller, no email replies unless you complain in the forum, empty promises to customers that have given him some money for an itemthat was listed in stock , so it should be here within two weeks at the latest, said the other day that he was out of fiberglass and only had carbon fiber and that he would change the website accordingly, he hasnt even done that, put lots of pics up, but there are all of the same few cars, probably him and his neighbors. i would gladly retract all my comments and make a public apology if he would get his act together, but for people to be waiting for months for a product that was in stock is rediculous. at least i have only been waiting a few weeks, he is lucky no one has really put out a good chassis yet cuz he would get no business from anyone with the way he operates.

2003.04.18, 11:38 PM
I know what you mean about pro-z.Thats why im asking about liquid chassis.What are your likes and dislikes about liquid.How does it compare with normal hopped up mini z?

2003.04.19, 12:23 AM
i dont own one, but from what i have seen and what i heard, it isnt much better, if any than a hopped up mini z, to me, it looks messy, and it is kinda complicated if you dont really know what you are doing, i myself would not reconmend it. it is just a matter of time before some pro z type chassis are on the market

2003.04.19, 12:28 AM
Well in my opinion the Liquid RC has a bit of a higher c.g. than Pro-z but a much better weight distribution (most of the weight is placed on the center).

It also requires non- Kyosho electronics (i think), so depending on the local rules the chassis may be banned, while the Pro-z is allows stock electronics.

The front suspension layout design for the LiquidRC is also quite trick, like a real race car. I think it also allows to use the h-plates on the mini-zs. The Pro-Z has castor settings and tweak to aid in fine-tuning the handling of a car.

LiquidRC has clip on batteries, the Pro-Z requires soldering the batteries together and charge in the car. Both of them probably takes a longer time to change batteries than a stock mini-z chassis.

In my opinion the LiquidRC is proably a bit more complicated (building and tuning) than the Pro-Z, but has more dandy features. I own a Pro-z chassis but not the LiquidRC so that is as far as I can get in terms of comparision between the two.


For the Pro-z, delivery issues aside, the handling is vastly improved especially in lock-to-lock situations like chicanes and such because of superior c.g. and the front tires bite very well.

At high speed turns tough, the Pro-Z is quite likely to spin out (oversteer) but there is still some work for me to get the right setup & tweak, so I'm sure that can be fixed eventually. Pro-Z is also a good chassis for drifting. You can actually perform drifts with some fine tuning and tweaking.

A small gripe is that it is too tight when it comes to assembly. You have to file some of the parts a bit for better fit and it is better to fit the screws in the holes by themselves first and then take them back out, and fit it in again to screw parts together so it would be easier.

Otherwise, despite the (non)delivery issues, the Pro-Z is a simple well-engineered product.

2003.04.19, 03:12 AM
I think I would agree with Disigane. That might be a first. He seams to be one of the lucky ones with a pro-z. I believe what he says about the pro-z. Does not seam to be sugar coated. As for the liquid-z I have one of those and he gave a fair assessment of the liquid-z. It did take longer to build than I thought it would. About 4 to 5 hours at the shop. But that was helping the other guys with there cars too. It can use a stock H plate. It can use the stock mini-z board, but takes a small servo for steering. If your soldering skills are not the greatest this can be a real pain. The points on the HS-50 are real small. The batteries change just as easy as a stock mini-z after you get all the wiring for them done. You can make the toe-in toe-out as much as you want. You can add castor by shimming the front if you want. At our track to race in stock or modified you must use a mini-z chassis. Sometimes we run an outlaw class. That would be the only time you could race either chassis at our track.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.04.20, 02:46 PM
Hi guys,
This is whats been going on with Pro-Z

I couldn't agree more about the delivery issues. The simple fact is I had all the kits in and available when posted. However i shipped out the first batch of kits and received some honest feedback. The servo holes and battery holes were tight. The radius in the servo hole needs to be filled and the batteries need to be seated in the chassis like any other onroad pan car. King Pins holes were too tight so i have reamed out all the kits. The Major problems were the body mounts. i did not realize until after i shipped cars the body mounts were 2 mm too far back. I immediately ordered new ones to replace everyone's car. The new ones were not up to spec either and i have just this week received quality body mounts. All Pro-Z chassis orders 100% up to date are shipped out.

Heres A factoid about Pro-Z and Liquid RC.

I am good friends with Liquid RC we live about 15 min apart. And My prototype cars were all made on the same machine that the liquid Rc cars are produced on. Both cars work i honestly perfer tweak in my car. that was my gripe about the stock mini z in the first place.

2003.04.20, 02:54 PM
well, i appreciate the honesty with your reply, lets all hope that this is the one that sticks. all orders should be recieved by next friday, i think that is a fair assumption. looking forward to trying it out, have had all the parts sitting here to get the new car going, will be nice to finally put it together

2003.04.20, 08:07 PM
I have no problem with you trying to give your customers a better product. My only complaint is you keep saying they are in the mail and we have not received them. If you would have said you were having problems with some things and were correcting them, That's what the delay is for, I don't think nobody would have cared. Atleast then we would have known what was going on. Any info is better than no info.

P.S. Thanks for the info.

2003.04.20, 09:22 PM
Thanks for the update and my emil.Hopefully every thing is shipped and cought up on your end.Looking forward to recieving chassis.Keep us updated on electronics and building battery packs.Ready to build!

2003.04.20, 10:48 PM
glad to see i wasnt the only one who got an email, i assume the others had transaction #'s too ? looks like a step in the right direction. i am also looking forward to the product. would like to have it for the races next sunday.

2003.04.20, 11:30 PM
i personally dont have either (due to money reasons;) ) but the only thing that i like on the liquid z better is the front suspension, i think that his concept makes sense. i am going to try to get the battery clips from the liquid z and put them in the pro z instead of having to use a battery pack (due to the rules at my local track)
pro-z you said you know the liquid z guy, i tried to email him about getting battery clips and he has not responded, i will try him again in a few days but if you dont mind could you ask him if it would be possible to buy just the clips from him;)
i can understand if it is too much trouble but i would really apprecaite it :D

PS you will be getting an order from me in about a month (will you still be selling fiberglass or do i have to get carbon fiber, i like the fiberglass becasue it is less expensive and i am bareley old enough to get a part time job:( )

Pro-Z Racing
2003.04.21, 01:20 AM
Actually the battery clips on the liquid z are ones I bought for the Pro-Z and could not make use of them. I doubt he will sell just the clips. Try radio shack or search online. No plans right now to order more fiber glass. Email me when your ready to order i may be able to dig one up for you.

2003.04.21, 01:40 AM
ive looked around online and on raido shacks website but i will go to the local raido shack, if they do not have any clips i will probably make some my self out of some scrap metal or something:) i would really apprecaite it if you could find a fiberglass one, i would be willing to pay a little more if you have to include a few parts from a cf one i just dont have the funds to drop like 70 bucks on a chassis.
ill email you as soon as i can find some miniz electronics that i can buy from someone;)
BTW: thank you for telling me that the liquid z clips dont work, before i went and bought them and then finding out that they dont work.;)

2003.04.21, 09:35 AM
Cool! Finally the chassis is on its way. I have been keeping my fingers crossed for so long, they are now permanently twisted :D

Pro-Z can I ask regarding the servo saver illustrated in your website, how effective is it? I mean will it give way easily? Or it takes a major impact before actuating the saver? Since the saver is not self-centering, I wouldn't want the front wheels to be turned to either sides after every impact with a wall or another Z, especially during a race. Do you have any plans to engineer a proper spring-loaded saver specifically designed to work with microservos (such as the HS50 or 55)?

How about other Pro-Z owners? Wanna share with us soon-to-be owners how you tackled the servo saver issues, that is if u chose not to use the stock servo/electronics? ;)

2003.04.21, 12:19 PM
there is another car that i sas that i am gonna try to make the steering work, looks very strong, the only problem is room

Pro-Z Racing
2003.04.21, 01:29 PM
Buzz - I had initially used a spring on the servo saver this was to soft and yes gave way a little to easy. I am now using a tiny rubber O-ring the ones used under the t-bar. This has more grip and still gives before the gear stripes. I also took a hobby knife and put fine splines in the back of the servo saver and on the front of the servo itself. This lets the gear have something to bite into.

No plans on producing a servo saver myself yet. The next thing on the checklist for Pro-Z is protecting my work. Step Mom has her own law firm and I'm meeting with her pattern attorney to draw up the paper work.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.04.21, 01:32 PM
sorry thats patent not pattern i'm not making floral patterns here:)

2003.04.21, 02:53 PM
I also tried emailing Liquid Z- I wanted to buy the complete Liquid Z front end set-up for a scratch-built car I'm making. He has the seperate part numbers listed on his website.

Never heard a thing back from him either, so I ended up ordering a complete Kawada front end instead. Should be here in a week or so...

2003.04.21, 10:23 PM
will you be able to run mini z bodies with the kawada front steering, and where did you order it, only website i found is in some other language.

2003.04.23, 09:17 PM
Wanted to let you guys know my Pro-z came today!! Time to build.If you didnt get it yet ,looks like you should soon!