View Full Version : white landcruiser came today.

2003.04.21, 11:18 PM
not as pearl as i thought

2003.04.23, 01:02 AM
it gave me a reason to use arch2b;s pajero wheels he gave me and keep teh aluminum colored ones looking nice.for my silverado body..... personally what does everyone think does the white look better then the silver to you too....or should ive stay with the silver body everyone has?

2003.04.23, 05:43 PM
Well the silver has a dark silver rocker panel and the white is ALL white. I wouldnt base it on what everyone has beacause soon enogh alot of people will have the white. I like the silver better but I like the white alot beacause it's a change. I would stay with the white.

2003.04.23, 09:08 PM
im thinking go with silver cause it matches my real car closely the white is too plain to me.......i like the two tone silver........the white looks good in pearl but is only one color.....i dont know its just a car either way.........hey warnoffroad care to share some info on making body mounts for the silverado body i got one of them too......or the dimensions of your aluminum body lift thing..?

2003.04.23, 09:26 PM
all i did was cut a lilttle then check to see if it fit, then copyed it to fit the other side. takes about 2 hours. I would use credit card plastic if i was going to do it again. If your going to keep you silver. Give me a $ we'll talk about that white LC.

2003.04.23, 10:48 PM
my overland has been claimed along with the white body......sorry.. man you say old credit cards for the mounts? im trying to picture that.