View Full Version : Quick Fix

2003.04.22, 12:31 PM
any of yall out there with stock shocks who drive in the dirt know how much it sucks when sand gets inside the shocks. so, heres a 30 second fix that'll get rid of that.

get some electrical tape, and cover the top of the shock, where the hole to access the shock shaft is. cut it to fit, so it seals on all edges, and there ya go. sealed shocks.

(yea, im bored, and avoiding yardwork, needed an excuse. "mo-om, im doing homework! honest!")

2003.04.22, 01:24 PM
neat idea! no sand aound here...mostly clay like...

2003.04.23, 09:29 PM
I just tryed that. only i used duct tape. And WOW it works well thanks for the idea!! those damn shocks are the only reason im not out in the dirt all the time. And I dont want to mess up my oils in the dirt.

2003.04.24, 03:40 PM
I like that, shock-socks for the OL. =)

What do you think about using heat shrink tubings off a "?" size that will just stay on the shocks after you shrink it? Would look cool but will it work or jam the shocks?