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2002.01.11, 08:08 PM
i really dont know what is going on, whenever i go to my user profile to edit something i cant find the text box that should let me set text on top of my avatar,

i have even tried to log on on other computers with different connections


(ps: if it makes a differance i have a 128k cable connection)

2002.01.11, 08:34 PM
Under Edit Profile, go to "custom user text" about 2/3's done on the profile.
Hope that helps,

2002.01.11, 08:54 PM
yes thanks but that is exactly my problem it isnt even there

2002.01.11, 09:31 PM
Email MR mini-z--maybe he can help!
Stay Cool,

PS: I run on DSL so I don't think your 128k cable modem is the problem--but what do I know--haha:D

2002.01.11, 10:05 PM
That's really strange - what fields can you see?

2002.01.11, 10:37 PM
well under the optional info section i can see is



AIM handle

yahoo messenger handle



and then it move on to additional info section
does anyone else have this prolem?

2002.01.11, 11:04 PM
hmm.... check again. it's in the user option section... you can't miss it, the space is pretty big...

2002.01.12, 12:06 AM
yeah like i said i have tries it many times and still iy is not there

2002.01.12, 12:17 AM
Custom User Text:
This is the title that appears beneath your name on your posts.
You may enter up to 25 characters.
Check the reset box if you wish to use the the default title for your usergroup and post count.
HTML is not allowed.

When changing it, do NOT check the reset box. or it will reset it to the forum defult of Mini-Z Novice.. you might also have to let it take a while to set in and refresh browser etc... before u see it change.

2002.01.12, 12:47 AM
yes thankyou all, but nobody seems to get what my problem is, people keep telling me how to set it but they dont listen to what I have to say they only pay attention to what the previous post said.

u see the thing is

COSTOM USER TEXT box does not even show up it is not there period.

so please stop posting on how to set it case it dosent help me cause it isnt there


2002.01.12, 02:08 AM
note its not on same page as the avatar.

2002.01.12, 09:59 AM
i lnow that, it is suposed to be on the edit profile page

but it isnt

Ken Mifune
2002.01.12, 10:19 AM
Draco, What size file should I create for an avatar?

Ken Mifune
2002.01.12, 10:24 AM
gOOOF!, 'got it by trying too large a file. Thanks anyway.

2002.01.12, 10:44 AM
You need to post enough to not be considered "Mini-Z Novice" and I believe that is 50 posts. Once your text becomes "Mini-Z Pro" then you can change it.

I think it's 50, it's either 50 or 100 posts. Not sure 100%.

Mini-Z should know, he config'd the boards.


2002.01.12, 11:04 AM
Admin. might have changed it to the pro level, but I changed it when I had like 20-30 posts ;). Back in the HOW THE HECK did you get Mini-Z Tinkerer?! days... when board had like 50 users, and 400 postings ;) :D

2002.01.12, 11:17 AM
oh yea.... that's rite.... u have to be mini-z pro first, then you can change the custom user text.... yea... that's what happened to me... lol...

2002.01.12, 11:19 AM
Plastic x--aren't you getting a little attitude on your previous post??:( I think we all want to help, but what you are not seeing--we do.
I think you need to discuss your problem with the site administrator--MR mini-z. It sounds like he is the only one who can help you.
Sorry the members rubbed you the wrong way,

2002.01.12, 12:43 PM
ahh ime sorry, i apreciate your help u guys, sorry about that last post.

i dont think there is anything i can do about it.

well unless this mini-z pro thing kicks in

hope it works :D

sorry again

2002.01.12, 03:21 PM
Plastic_x - please email us at forums@mini-zracer.com so we can work this out together - thanks!

2002.01.14, 05:26 PM
I still don't get it, this is my 63rd post and I'm a Mini-z pro (I still haven't got my Z actually :)) but I don't see the box either. Does it show up at 100 posts or so ?
Or is it based on the number of replies on my posts or the ratings or something like that ?

2002.01.14, 05:56 PM
dunno... i got mine early.... pretty earlier actually.... like less than a month, i realized that I have gotten to mini-z pro.... then i was able to change the stuff.... probably just wait a little longer....

2002.01.17, 07:12 PM
<<----- :)

Got it !, this is my 73rd post

2002.01.17, 10:30 PM
It requires you to both pass a certain post threshold and # of days since you joined.

2002.01.18, 08:03 PM
ok thanks, it wont be long :D

2002.01.18, 08:05 PM
IT WORKED (Finally) :D

Thanks for all your help u guys!