View Full Version : Pro-z chassis builders,need help.

2003.04.25, 09:01 PM
Just got Pro-z.Need some advice from guys that built them,or Pro-z himself. 1.Batt's seem to fit to tight in slots in chassis (on the ends),do you need to dremel. 2.Do any of you guys have a picture or diagram of soldered batt. pack only,not in car. 3.What kind of chargers work with AAA batt. packs. My charger is for individual AAA. 4.Did any of you shrink wrap board? If you blow the board of after running is it worth the trouble?(i run inside,pretty clean). Thanks for help.

Pro-Z Racing
2003.04.27, 12:36 AM
Hi, You need to do whats called seating the cells. The radius on the cut outs need to be filed. File the edges and test fit the cells untill they sit firmly. You may also need to file the servo cut out for an easier fit. I have had no problems with exposed boards but shrink wrap always looks good too. Here i made a little diagram for you.

2003.05.15, 03:44 AM
Having problems fitting a Mercedes AMG body on the Pro-Z chassis. Doesn't seem to fit well at all. One of the body mounts even broke. :( Looks like the back tires are rubbing the body at the back. Any tip for me on what to do please?

Pro-Z Racing
2003.05.15, 03:56 AM
I havn't mounted one yet but i will have a chance to tonight at the track. I will report with how it goes. You may need to open the wheel wells up with a dremil. I know i have seen those bodies mounted on Pro-Z's.

2003.05.15, 04:31 AM
What bodies will fit best without having to dremel them?

How much will it cost me to get a new Body Mount part? Is it possible to buy one?

2003.05.15, 10:39 AM
the CP Mini Raceway and Hobby has body clips for sale. They are heavy duty. You can get there by clicking HERE (http://www.miniraceway.com)

El Tigre
2003.05.22, 10:47 PM
I have the Pro-Z chassis with stock electronics and a Toyota Supra body. I have experienced zero rubbing and I think the bodies sit perfectly on the kit mounts. Just remember to put some kind of tape to insulate the batteries from the carbon fiber, cause it will short your batteries. I run my diff a little tighter than I used to with the stock chassis, cause this thing hooks up. Thank you Scott.