View Full Version : Disappointed to GPM ball diff and shocks too

2003.04.26, 03:17 AM
Mine doesn't run freely, it seems to scratching to something (I think it could be the rubber thing on the ball diff thats touching something it shouldn't), there where two shims with it but I have no idea where to put them.

I assumed that it would be adjustable same way as Kyoshos ball diff for MiniZ racer is, but no, so could somebody tell me what's the point of using GPMs ball diff?

Same goes to GPMs shocks too, I tought they would be real oil shocks, but no, well I quess I can make them to work lot better than the standard ones. Oh BTW they are different ones from what I saw earlier here (see picture); they didn't had the ballcaps black I colored them.

2003.04.26, 03:20 AM
Here's pic of the actual coloring process -> Fabric heat color boiling for plastic parts really makes them different color.

2003.04.27, 04:22 AM
Those shocks are actually dampers, and take a grease, not oil. Heard they don't work well with grease either.