View Full Version : My Vitzs New rims

2003.04.26, 01:43 PM
Here is a pic of my Z with the new rims i orderd they are front standard amd rear semi wide. i want to enter the PIU contest with them:) o yeah and they came with the black alloy lock nuts in the package.

2003.04.26, 01:44 PM
Here is another view pf the vitz

2003.04.26, 01:46 PM
sweet!...i have those same wheels on my white altezza:)

they look good on the vitz too;)

2003.04.26, 01:50 PM
LOL speaking of rims you guys have to see this i found some guys selling this on ebay today LOL! what a waste of a good quad!

2003.04.26, 01:54 PM
ahahahaah that quad is sooo iLL! also those 3 spokes actually look good, im not a big fan of 3 spoke rims.. but they look good, maybe ill order some.:D

CaRbon Kid
2003.04.27, 04:48 AM
hmm sure the kid owns it on ebay or fake cause this is hella old pic and check it

2003.04.27, 05:12 AM
Originally posted by initiaLSpeeD-z
... also those 3 spokes actually look good, im not a big fan of 3 spoke rims.. but they look good, maybe ill order some.:D

painted a set aluminum grey... they look really cool on a viper.... pics to follow...

why compete??
2003.04.27, 08:35 AM
SikkVitz all you need now is some **** brakes 2 cover up the diff.

as for that 4wheeler that looks pretty sik i must say with the wires on it... but if it weer mini i would give it a custon airbrush dont u think or metalic black... for the white quad i would do this 2 not the blue 1 dont like the shape... o well just my input:D

Cyber Brat
2003.05.02, 09:24 AM
Where did you get you Vitz body from?

2003.05.02, 10:08 AM
i got my vitz from tower. i orderd it and it came in 2 days without with regualr shipping:) allthough they are only an hour from me.

Cyber Brat
2003.05.02, 01:18 PM
The Vitzs look sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

2003.05.02, 01:35 PM
i still love my vitz, it's still has a spot on my shelf.

right after i got it, new (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album50/mini_z_side.sized.jpg)

in retirement, now (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album50/mz169.sized.jpg)

2003.05.02, 02:15 PM
i love my vitz as well, it is great for drifting if you cut out the back for a low motor mount:D

and it looks really funny when it is drifting as well as a long wheel base car:D

2003.05.02, 03:13 PM
Hey Arch..what wheels are those?

2003.05.02, 05:04 PM
the alloys are square 10 spoke inch ups silver...nice!

2003.05.07, 04:57 PM
my vitz...


2003.05.07, 06:12 PM
im gonna go beat the living **** outta those 4 wheeler owners. whos with me?

cool wheels on vitz tho:)

why compete??
2003.05.08, 12:48 AM
nice wing on ur VITZ ah_long... is it an after market part or is it a home made one?

2003.06.04, 08:53 PM
OMG!!! What the hell kind of mod to a 4-wheeler is THAT? That is a disgrace to Yamaha quads.:mad: