View Full Version : aftermarket electronics on a mini z with a pro z chassis

2003.05.01, 07:58 PM
I was thinking of buying a novak spy from tower hobbies with a novak xxl 27mhz am receiver. is this a good combo? i have a eagle turbo w/a pn s02 right now w/stock mini z elecs The stock elec suck big time! Ii would like to keep the esc and rec covered. where are the best deals on this stuff. i have a coupon for 10 buck off @ tower. the spy is 59.99 and rec is 49.99 minus the 10 bucks = 100 out the door. Or should i send my board to mysteyE. please help


Pro-Z Racing
2003.05.02, 01:58 AM
It's all up to the Rules of your Local Track. If you can race with mini z's with aftermarket electronics do it. If not Fet Stacks the way to go. And i would upgrade the Potentiometer in the servo.

2003.05.02, 04:50 AM
Pro-Z: Could you tell us more about that pot-upgrade?

Pro-Z Racing
2003.05.02, 02:20 PM
With stock mini z electronics my car always had a nervous twitch in it. I upgraded to a better quality pot and now it is solid and predictable most of the time. Still slower than a HS-50 and AM is still prone to radio glitches.

2003.05.02, 07:33 PM
i'm glad to see that not just my z twitchs:)

T Man
2003.05.02, 07:52 PM
Check mine.

2003.05.03, 11:27 AM
Pro-Z: That sounds interesting!
Do you have a part number or such for that pot?
And how much did it cost?

Pro-Z Racing
2003.05.03, 12:36 PM
Tinhead- I got mine from PN Racing sorry i don't have the part number. Try E mailing him I'm sure he has or can get more. I use aftermarket electronics now so theres no need.

T-Man Looks good nice job on the stand up servo. Hows it handle need any setup tips. In mod the dampener really helps rear traction, you will have to mount the electronics on the sides though.

2003.05.04, 07:45 PM
what electronisc are you using. does any1 know how to use the stock servo w an aftermarket receiver? I mean what wires to put in the plug.

2003.05.06, 02:43 AM
You will need to use the board from a micro servo and swap the wires over to it from the stock motor and pot. The motor wire are swapped one for one. Red for Red, Black for Black. The mini-z pot only has two wires on it, you will need to solder an extra wire to it. Use the pic as an example. Not to hard.

2003.05.06, 02:51 AM
The completed servo plugged into an XXl receiver. The new board is shrink wrapped sitting on top the the servo. I went with this setup because I broke the servo gears in my HS-50 on my second lap(I deserved that for running it without a body) had an extra stock servo and wanted to keep driving. Works ok for me. You can see the extra wire now coming out of the stock servo.

2003.05.07, 09:56 PM
Has anyone ever used a real micro servo and an ESC from the ultralight airplanes before?

I have lots of plane electronics and have thought of replacing the electrics in the Z with them. My stock receiver has only a two foot (literally) range so I took all the electrics out and I have lots of room in the chassis.

I was wondering if my 2amp ESC from my planes would handle the power of the X speed motor? Does the X speed draw more than 2 amps? 4amps? 10 amps? It runs for 45 minutes on 700mah batteries so that comes to about 2 amps or so if I did my math right.

Anyway the open hole where the servo was is large enough to hold a micro servo (22mm X 11mm), the ESC and a micro receiver (Tekin AM 75mhz).

Do you think it would all work? The ESC has only forward, but if I hook it inline with my Turbo it should have reverse through the turbo. No? Afterall the turbo just receives the signal from the ESC and takes over after that.

Give me your opinions. The only hard part about installation would be the servo mounting to the steering but I figure tha if I drill a hole through the steering arm, and use a micro bolt and nut to mount it to the servo arm it should work.