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2003.05.02, 11:20 AM
i am planning on getting an overland in like 2 weeks and i was wondering what are "must have" upgrades other than a delrin idler gear, bearings (is the shop going to get overland dry bearings in?), and an a-bb
i am also planning on getting the kyosho oil shocks, and i was wondering why they come in pairs and are not sold as 4?

is there anything i missed that you would suggest for my basic upgrades?

and anyone who has done arch2b's roof rack, does it fit on the pajero?

2003.05.02, 12:06 PM
read this (http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8076)

the full mrz set of bearings is only missin gthe two tiny bearings for the main gear which mini z said they will be stocking as soon as possible.

the kyosho oil shocks are sold in pairs.

read the thread i linked to above for reccomendations

honestly i don't know if it will fit on a pajero. never tried and no longer have the pajero body. if not, just shorten the design to fit. should be easy enough to do.

2003.05.02, 01:02 PM
thank you for that thread, i had forgotten about it.

do you know if the shop will be stocking just the 2 little ones as well as the whole set?

i know the shocks are sold in pairs, but why?

that is exactly what i was going to do and probably shorten the height as well becasue it looks like it would be really tall on a pajero;)

2003.05.02, 01:29 PM
no problem,

i believe he said they intend to stock the whole set and would also offer the 2 tiny ones to whomever purchased the set currently stocked,

don't know, gpm is the same way. i assume the parts a re specific to location or ment to be in some fashion.

your right, the proportions (length and height) should be adjusted to compliment the shorter roof of the pajero. please post pictures if yu build one, i'd like to see how it looks on the pajero.

2003.05.02, 02:10 PM
ok thanks,
i will post pics of all of my cars soon, just as soon as i get the overland and i finish my roof rack.

on another note does anyone know the dimensions of the pajero roof, and so i can start on my rack ;)

2003.05.04, 12:19 AM
GPM Alloy and Delrin Main Gear for Overland (10-34T) - 1PC, is this the idler gear everyone seems to be breaking? and if not does anyone know when the shop will get them in?

2003.05.04, 08:56 AM
here (http://mini-zracer.com/shop/product.php?pid=564)

2003.05.04, 11:50 AM
yeah thats the one i was talking about

2003.05.06, 03:41 PM
I just put an order through for an OL, And I forgot to get bearings:rolleyes: So I'm wondering, how bad is this car without bearings? I will be in the states in about 5-6 weeks, so I will buy some then, but I'll have to run without them 'til then. Thanks in advance.

2003.05.06, 04:17 PM
i ran my regular z with out bearings for a while, it is not bad, but once you get bearings you will never go back to bushings ;)

2003.05.06, 04:29 PM
ANS- bearings translate to smoother ride and longer run times. not critical that you have them right away but they are one of the best initial improvements.

2003.05.07, 05:46 AM
alright. thanks alot.