View Full Version : My half collection of cars!!!!

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:00 AM
eat your heart out NML!!! muhahaha guess u got this shot earlier

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:21 AM
another shot of the newest bodyshell!!! the MERC!!!!

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:22 AM
yet another!!!

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:23 AM
yet another damn!!

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:24 AM
Super vitz!

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:25 AM
Yawnnnnnnnn *bored*

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:26 AM
Last I promise!!!

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:27 AM

2003.05.05, 02:39 AM

that is an awesome collection :D what are the rims that are on the black merc? they look soooo good:D

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 02:48 AM
TS-Tuning Cosmic XL!!! go to www.ts-tuning.com!!

2003.05.05, 02:58 AM
i dont know german but i did not know that they come in black with such a big lip, they are awesome.

and btw, how do you like the new merc, i was thinking about getting one but i would like to know before i spend $35 on one;)

David Bulldog
2003.05.05, 03:16 AM
maniac , they dont come in black ,I merely painted it black with tamiya acrylic paint so that the lip or we call it here deep dish would stand out visually and believe me its really deep ..
for the new merc body shell no regrets man!!! it has a lot of steering and its able to hold on fast sweepers and Im running NML's on it ...just one complain though its a wee bit thin on the moulding so Im not sure if it would break on really really hard inpact so far I have not had any breakages with head on crashes and side crashes with other cars going super speed..
comparison sake I would say its something like the old merc (stable n neutral)with modena 's steering.
I would say that I would definately race with this shell next!

2003.05.05, 03:45 AM
cool thanks for the info.

i also have some black bbs style rims with silver around the edges, i really like the way the silver and the black contrast eachother;)

xNOS Racerx
2003.05.14, 11:30 PM
Man thats an awesome collection there im diggin the rims :D