View Full Version : I just ordered my overland

2003.05.06, 03:41 PM
Just wanted to say hello because im sure ill be spending some time here.Im so exited i ordered a red pajero off a guy in hong kong. should be here in a couple days. got it for ***.** including shipping from some one on e-bay. Brand new in its package.......not bad eh.:D

Some of you may know me as Alex-Maxx on maxxtraxx.com the and the rcca boards or as Alexx-Maxx on the traxxas boards

2003.05.06, 04:01 PM
welcome to MZR:D

2003.05.08, 02:16 PM
sorry ami not supposed to say the price, Im sorry. Im still waiting for my Pajero. My guess is it will come later today tomarrow or sarurday and at the latest monday

2003.05.10, 03:02 PM
Still not here

2003.05.10, 07:00 PM
love the avtar!! :D

2003.05.11, 09:49 AM
thanks i like it alot too

2003.05.14, 01:05 PM
I got it yesterday in the mail i love it i was too busy to talk to you guys. I love the overland. it would be nice to have it 4wd but oh well