View Full Version : Alloy rear gearbox

2003.05.07, 08:03 PM
Does anyone know where to get a Alloy rear gearbox other than HK because I busted mine all up. The lower pillow ball mounts broke off. The part where the gearbox has screws have snapped.



2003.05.08, 01:47 PM
Me too, mine just disintigrated into a dozen pieces I think I might have gotten some motor spray on it :(

2003.05.08, 02:10 PM
I have the alloy units on both of my Overlands.
Unfortunately they are hard to come by and you usually have to source them from on-line auction sites. Even then, they are way overpriced.

The Mini-ZRacer.com shop should be getting them in soon enough, but Mini-Z has informed us many times that dealing with GPM (who makes these alloy rear ends) is difficult, they just dont know the meaning of speed.

Another thing to take into consideration is that these alloy rear ends don't seal too well. So, if your into driving your Overland outside, be prepared to do a stripdown and cleanout after each run.

The Mini-Zracer.com Shop does keep the standard Kyosho plastic units.
I only ever broke one plastic gearbox and I attribute the breakage to the GPM oil shocks I used to use before replacing them with genuine Kyosho coil/oil units.

BLiND abuses his Overland like he stole it and he's never replaced that part either.
The Thread below should give you some insight on how members have broken their Overlands: