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why compete??
2003.05.09, 09:53 AM
close ups x2

why compete??
2003.05.09, 09:54 AM

why compete??
2003.05.09, 09:54 AM
ferari wolf theme

why compete??
2003.05.09, 09:55 AM

why compete??
2003.05.09, 09:56 AM
close up (shows the use)

pretty great detailng on these shells huh?

why compete??
2003.05.09, 10:00 AM
sorry i click on new thread nsted of post reply... o well

it aint mine it wa intended for this but

2003.05.09, 10:09 AM
Thoses are in my opinion the BEST I have seen. Can you share your process on getting the flames on the CLK like that? I love the color changes and would like to try myself but have no idea where to start :confused:

Cyber Brat
2003.05.09, 02:44 PM
Dude nice, that CLK is the best I have seen on the net anywhere IMO.

2003.05.09, 04:01 PM
Wow, you are a very talented artist. How do you fade the colors?

why compete??
2003.05.09, 07:49 PM
man i wish they were mine... but if you read the thread started br MR Z it say 'some of the best bodies ive seen' so i decided 2 sare some of the best bodies i got and put them there but clicked on new thread instead of new post so i kinda screwed up but it is nice huh... ill try and find the site of the ghuy who done then but it is in a different language... if these were my bodies and all you guys liked them i would probalby mass produce them... but i think they are selling the merc on www.ts-tuning.com click on tuning and then karosen or something like that... but hey are nice and i would but one if i could get 2 buy stuffs over da net but my cuz is going canada soon and hes getting me parts... where is a good place in calgary for parts and the best things 2 get...

why compete??
2003.05.09, 07:53 PM
direct link 2 the airbrush site... i think he does these on the side for fun... and then started big, but you shuld see all his work hees mad at it www.beefee.de