View Full Version : 12x2 Fet upgrade and High Torque motor

2003.05.09, 10:59 AM
Now being offered.

If interested, nomotorlimit@hotmail.com

This will prevent your Monster OL's fets from burning. and you get a motor intended for Monster Tires.

2003.05.09, 05:18 PM

2003.05.09, 05:51 PM
12x2 fet upgrade and motor for only: $125.00 shipping with insurance back to owner included.

2003.05.10, 07:02 PM
I dont know about FET stacks I had MR-Z put a 2x3 in my OL and it runs fine when its right next to the remote but when its on the ground and more that 12 inches away it goes out of control. I thought the antenna wire had come loose from the board but that wasnt it. Im not sure whats wrong?

2003.05.10, 07:33 PM
warn- i hope this is an isolated incident...i'm having a 2x2 done....sorry to hear that though

mini z- have you heard of this before...have you experienced the reported "lag" effeect after your fet service?

2003.05.10, 08:02 PM
I've been thinking about installing a fet stack on my OL the next time I get bored while soldering a batch of batteries...

(last time that happened my computer received lots of blue lights and a window, lol)

how many 7389 fet's are required to have no lag? I read on the forum that you should installed at least 2x2, but I am running an A-bb motor would that require more fets to not have any lag? The reason I want to install the FET's is I don't want to burn up the stock combo when I start to use the monster sized wheels...hmm

also, is this the type of item I could pick up at radio shack?

2003.05.10, 08:21 PM

Fet stacking don't affect radio signals in any way. I don't know what happened to yours. Might want to check with the party who did your upgrade.


Just thought I'd mention, the motor you saw that day is ultra high torque. You gotta see the one I just came up with. I can't find the spacer for the motor mount, so I couldn't install the biggest gear. But with the stock pinion, it was moving pretty good. Btw, I don't ever worry about overheating, when I run my OL very aggressively.

See, what burns the fet is the constant on and off on the throttle. And that's exactly what I do with mine, but with my 12x2 fets, I'm now worry free. Power is there when I need it.

Hope you can make it on our next get together, which will be on the 18th. Maybe we can have a OL drag race? Since I most likely will set up a Drag strip for the Z's.

I don't think some people realize how much stress they put on both servo and motor fets, when they convert to Monster tires. Some may have no problem, and more so than others, burning 'em.

My next step is to add a 5th cell. I already know that it will pop wheelies like nothing. I'm just lazy, but I'll make sure it's ready for our next g2g. I will set it up to run both 4 and 5 cells, so that I can neutralize my NOs if another O.L. hits me up for a drag race.:D

2003.05.10, 08:24 PM
we still need to setup a course for the overland with like a bunch of skateboard ramps or something, heh

the mini-z racers were no challange for my overland last time ;)

I hope to make it, I may be up in Fresno that weekend looking for an apartment because I am moving up there soon, transfering to cal state fresno in the fall ;)

2003.05.10, 08:35 PM
An O.L. track sounds good, very good. Maybe we can bring old carpet and lay it out with a couple of hills here there, by placing something underneath it.

Damn, first it was Breeze, then it's you moving, who's next? Myster E?:eek: :(