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2003.05.11, 09:57 PM
I am enamored with my new Chevrolet Corvette CR5:D

First picture (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album86/IMG_0103.sized.jpg)

Second picture (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album86/IMG_0122_001.sized.jpg)

Third picture (http://mini-zracer.com/albums/album86/IMG_0126.sized.jpg)

Of course there are more in my album...

2003.05.12, 06:59 AM
I have to say, I love mine too...but a word of caution to those that may be looking to pick one up. If you have any number of mod parts, get ready to break out your dremel tool. This body would be great for stock class though...

I have an external turbo, and I had to make room for it, then my motor mount rubbed on the rear diffuser, and oh yeah, my mono-shock also hit the window. All of this resolved with the Dremel...


Check out the pick...looks kinda like a blower now...


This car is a ton of fun to race. I think it is more stable than the NSX was in high speed corners, but I think it pushes a bit more in the turns too. Who knows, that could be psychological too...who knows. :)

why compete??
2003.05.12, 07:14 AM
hehe that looks mad latency...

the world 1st look a like SUPER CHARGED Mini-Z:D looks so real

2003.05.12, 08:22 AM
my rear mono shock doesn't hit, i sue the stock motor pod which doesn't rub and don't plan on getting an external turbo. i do have lots of upgrades, just not the ones that seem to be causing you problems....

it does look like a blower;)

2003.05.12, 12:31 PM
C5Rs kick ......ash!

got mine on saturday. thing is SWEET! my motor mount just barely rubs the rear diffuser, easily solved by shaving about 3 mm where the screws go through. havent had a chance to really race it yet, but from the little bit that i have driven it, its wicked cool.

2003.05.12, 04:03 PM
..see, I fell into that "well it is bigger, so it must be better" thought process when I bought Powerline rear mono-shock. I swear, I could use that thing on my 1:1 car. :rolleyes:

These bodies rock, they just look and drive amazing!!


2003.05.12, 04:31 PM
what tires do you run with that turbo setup? the wire broke off my a-bb, so i've only been able to run stock, but the mzr grooved tires are really nice

2003.05.12, 10:14 PM
See, Columbus should really be the Miniz capital of the US, because we have so many tracks!! :D The short answer arch, is it just depends on the surface.

On my track, LPR, it is a painted mdf surface, and 20 compound semis up front and 20 compound wides in the rear. Those are both slicks.

At the Tom Thumb track, which is an ozite carpet track, the tire of choice are the Mini-zracer foams. I just wish they lasted more than a day, but the blowouts have made for some very exciting DNF's! :D

We have 2 other tracks, one being a very smooth concrete, and we found that harder compounds work just as well as the soft as the track is often dusty. The last track is also carpert, and anything in the range of 40-50 compounds work well. That track has so much grip, that with the soft compounds, you are lucky to get a night of racing in.

Most of us are all running Xspeeds or modded Xspeeds with cans, and all running the external turbos with anywhere for 8-12 tooth pinions, so they move pretty good. Any faster, and the speed would be wasted on our four tracks.

The best part of each track, is it has it's own charm, and unique setup requirements in suspension and tires. Hella fun!!!


2003.06.21, 06:10 PM
i just finished my light set for my cr5! it runs off the chassis power as there is no room/little room for a battery.
headlights (http://www.minizworld.com/albums/album91/aew.jpg)
tail lights (http://www.minizworld.com/albums/album91/aex.jpg)

i really like the pre-manufactured led holes in the new chassis's. otherwise i wouldn'tbother...the bosies are too nice to drill into;)

2003.06.21, 06:19 PM
Your C5R is pretty awesome, I have always loved C5Rs. Keep up the good work. I wish they would do the chrome treatment on the rear light buckets though, light bleed is ugly.

2003.06.21, 10:27 PM
Mine is ragged and abused, missing a headlight, but it is still sweet. I got another to keep pure and am trying to mold another headlight for the racer.

I love the look and handling!

Had to shave the rear diffuser too, but the small monoshock works with no mods.

2003.06.21, 10:57 PM
I have the 2000 C5R as well...looks so much better than the 2002... mine's mounted on a Pro-Z chassis that has some top-secret NML work done to it... but the body looks great... I"m thinking about doing the full light treatment to it (doing the fog lights too) but you have to drill those out and I don't really want to...:D

2003.06.22, 12:39 AM
exactly what i was thinking as well;) . just to pretty to drill out. it looks great with lights!

2003.06.22, 02:16 PM
Hey! Nice C5R Arch! I'd say those have to be one of the prettiest bodies around. My Xanavi Nismo GTR isn't in yet, still waiting, damn those things are hard to find! I'll try to see how stable it is.
Pls visit my post too (The Garage Sirokuma(street bear) S2000) right before this one! peace to yah!

wosh i had this paint scheme!