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2003.05.17, 11:52 AM
I have seen pictures on this site and others of 2 ft by 2 ft foam mats used as racing surfaces for the mini-z. Beware of the mats purchased in the USA such as at Home depot and home stores. They are made up of a high sand content and tend to crack fade and become stiff over time. I have purchased mats directly from the manuf. overseas who can make mats with less sand content. These mats are softer, and will last considerably longer in the sun and weather. The cars also grip a little better to the different surface texture patterns produced. The mats cost more, but you get what you pay for. www.rc-parties.com will have some of these mats with soft side borders available soon. Pricing is not yet published, but is expected to be very attractive based on the large volumes that are being imported.

2003.05.17, 12:58 PM
well I noticed your track was made from tiles a while ago, used it as an example to other manufactures for aquireing tiles of my own... I planned on selling the tiles as well, but if you can beat the price, and or SHARE your whole sale price with me (to cut your overal costs down per order), I will redistribute them from my site as track sets as well. I have a way to cut them to make a fairly universal, ok looking track... been pushing lines around in cad to come up with more efficient cuts etc... but I would need 24" and 12" tiles... alike. If you do share the wholesale price, I will include your logos and web site links on my links page, as well as maybe a track side advertisement decal or two along the public versin of the track(s) I build...

Can you send mini-zracer.com or Draconious RC a sample? so I can compare it to the tile samples I aquired from the other manufacturers Ive looked into? I'll send an email or someting with my PO box... not sure about this sites mailing adress though... I dont realy need a whole tile, just a section of the left over from cutting the radius off at the corners would be plenty...

2003.05.19, 01:08 PM
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2003.05.19, 02:49 PM
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